The Zelensky couple strongly criticized following the photos published in the magazine Vogue

In her interview with Vogue, Olena Zelenska gives her testimony on the war raging in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. “The last few months have been the worst in my life and the worst in the life of all Ukrainians,” she said. She also claims to have “no doubt” about the victory of her homeland.

However, to accompany the interview, the American magazine has also decided to call on Annie Leibovitz, the photographer of the stars. These are the clichés that do not pass with many Internet users. On these, we can see the first lady posing in front of the wreckage of an airplane or the Zelensky couple hugging on very aesthetic portraits.

On the web, the Ukrainian leader and his wife are accused of “romanticizing the war” and trivializing it. Some believe that the president should not waste his time on such activities when soldiers are dying in Ukraine.

Others, on the other hand, come to his defense by affirming that it is important that Zelensky communicates directly with the people and that a favorable public opinion is necessary in the war effort.

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