The Zara Home make-up remover discs that help you be more sustainable

The Zara Home make-up remover discs that help you be more sustainable

be sustainable It is a task that we all have to try to fulfill or improve to take care of our planet and it can be done in small daily steps in our home and needs, also thinking about the impact we have.

Whether you put on makeup or want to clean your face from pollution or excess dirt from day to day, you can use makeup remover discs to maintain your facial routine.


A pack of disposable cotton pads costs around €1.20 and they will last us, as long as we are constant with facial cleansing, an average of one month. If we put on makeup every day, it is likely that we will double the cost and our garbage will therefore increase the pollution of the planet. Therefore, being aware of this and assuming including reusable discs is good for the planet and for our pocket.

Now you have it easier because Zara Home has brought out the discs that can be used only with water or with your favorite cleaner. It is very easy, you just have to moisten the disc with water or with your cleaner and apply a gentle massage using circular movements.

The Pack of 3 make-up remover discs made of terry cotton and with natural linen details from Zara Home is priced at €12.99, you can buy them on the web or in physical stores.

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