The Xokas also thinks of Alonso and Formula 1: “he beat a bunch of panolis”

The Xokas also thinks of Alonso and Formula 1: “he beat a bunch of panolis”

The Xokas

Fernando Alonso is between eyebrows to achieve victory 33 in his career, and has started on the right foot after his third place in Bahrain. What does El Xokas think of the Asturian F1 driver?

It is common for streamers to talk about current news, both at the level of video games or technology as well as social aspects. Every week, Ibai, Rubius, TheGrefg, El Xokas or even Jordi Wild review the most famous events on Twitch.

For example, yesterday we shared Jordi Wild’s opinion about Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter game. Or, for example, an aspect that will change in the next Rubius live shows.

When it comes to El Xokas, the truth is that It is impossible to stay out of the controversy. His sincerity is both for the good (such as this emotional reflection on money) and for the bad (his opinions on being overweight, cyberbullying or party situations).


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On this occasion, the Galician streamer has given his opinion on Formula 1, whose competition started last weekend in Bahrain. And of course, also on the figure of Fernando Alonso.

”El Nano” seeks his 33rd victory, and why not, lift the title again after his successes in 2005 and 2006 with Renault. Now part of the Aston Martin team.

What does El Xokas think of Fernando Alonso?

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has started the new F1 season on the right foot. In Bahrain he garnered a creditable third placesharing the podium with Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez.

Multitudes of media and streamers echoed the news… and, how could it be otherwise, The Xokas also. The Galician streamer declared himself the number 1 fan of the Asturian pilot.

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There was no lack of adverse reactions. A bystander told him the following: ”Hamilton is his father”. And one more time, The Xokas reacted with sarcasm and fury to said comment.


in this account we support the Nano

♬ sonido original – XOKAS – XOKAS

Hamilton eat the *****. How many titles does Hamilton have? Six or seven? He beat a bunch of panolis with the best car in history. the nano is the best”, sentence Xokas.

Indeed, Lewis Hamilton has seven F1 titles. The first was achieved in 2008, while the other six between 2014 and 2020 (with the exception of 2016, since the German Nico Rosberg was the champion in that edition).

Although on paper the difference between Alonso and Hamilton is wide, we cannot forget that the Asturian pilot is an Endurance champion, and also two-time champion of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

In addition, Xokas also mentions the great technical superiority that Hamilton had in previous years, since had the best car of all Formula 1.

Do you think Fernando Alonso can win this edition of Formula 1? Will he get his 33rd win? Definitely, followers like El Xokas firmly believe itso we will have to support El Nano in his next races.

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