We have seen several times how theaccount Twitter di Xbox often tends to be somewhat over the top, between humor and sarcasm, although it is still an institutional communication channel, but the recent response to PS5 fanboys that rage often and willingly in the various discussions was interesting, in its inspiration pacifist.

As anyone who follows the Xbox Twitter account a bit knows, every discussion on this social network is soon filled with messages from fanboys from the “opposing faction” who simply write “PS5 is better”, which seems to have become something of a meme on the social media in question, reaching a level that prompted an official response.

However, the message from Xbox has not succumbed to provocation: “To all those who answer us by writing PS5 is better”, wrote the account of the Microsoft console, “The best console it is what you enjoy. Have fun! “The answer is obviously very” politically correct “, but it is already a particular sight to see an official account respond to the various console warriors from the keyboard, even more so if the answer is basically an invitation to enjoy your console in peace.

The thing has resulted in a series of enthusiastic responses by various more or less known users on Twitter, including Cory Barlog, the director of Sony Santa Monica’s God of War (who in recent days had discussed in an interesting way on the excessive local prices of consoles in some markets), who responded with heart and “applause” to the Xbox tweet.