The world’s most secret Boeing 737 lit up in the photo

Airplane nicknamed RAT 55 probably a game by its intended name (Radar Airborne Testbed) is one of the most valuable testing and evaluation tools in the United States for developing and validating subtle or hidden technologies.

The fancy plane is very “Shy”, writes The Drive… In fact, no one really knows exactly where his base is. But he is often in such a top-secret place as Area 51. Almost all of his images are taken from afar or have a grainy and low-quality character. Everything except the pictures below.

Фото: Phodocu / The Drive

The images show the Boeing 737 and its tail number in stunning detail. “The modifications to this aircraft are absolutely incredible: massive bow and stern fairings, as well as oversized structures to accommodate them, turn the 737-200 into a bizarre monster, albeit very valuable,” the source notes.

Фото: Phodocu / The Drive

In particular, you can consider the pitot airspeed sensors, which look like bug antennas above the aircraft cockpit. There is also a discolored part on the forward end of the fuselage. It is possible that an additional housing with sensors or a satellite communication system is attached to this area.

Take a look at the weapons of different countries, which “accidentally” managed to shoot on camera:

This is also interesting:

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