The world is in a big and terrifying predicament.. Sibyl Baba Vanga makes frightening predictions and what awaits us for 2022.!!

Many activists on social media circulated the predictions of blind divination Baba Vanga for the year 2022, until it topped the search engine,

Especially since many of her expectations were literally fulfilled, which made her a place among people who are interested in following up on future expectations.

Baba Vanga had previously predicted the death of Princess Diana, the events of the September 11 attack, Donald Trump’s loss of the presidential election, and many expectations that came true.

As for Vanga’s predictions for 2022, they are:
The world will suffer from water shortage due to the increasing pollution in the rivers

– Temperatures rise in India to 50 degrees Celsius, causing locusts to attack in the country.

– Extraterrestrials invade Earth, where an asteroid called “Oumuamua” will be sent by aliens to the planet to fight humans.

A deadly virus in Siberia will lead to the death of humanity.
Floods and earthquakes will hit many Asian countries, and Australia.

Technology control of humans, and it will be dangerous, as this will lead to confusion between fantasy and reality.



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