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The World Health Organization has classified computer game addiction as a disease included in the 11th update of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

She noted that “only an experienced doctor can diagnose the disease.”

The 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases was published in June 2018. The new document revised the current classification of diseases, in addition to introducing new medical and disease criteria for this. The definition of gambling addiction with excessive passion for computer and video games includes a new type of mental disorder.

The organization explained that “in order to diagnose the disease, signs of gaming disorder must be observed throughout the year, which negatively affects the areas of family, social, educational, professional and other life.”

“Gambling addiction can only be diagnosed by trained medical professionals, so you cannot apply the diagnostic description of gambling disorder to your relatives or friends. This is the prerogative of doctors,” said WHO expert on psychotropic substances and addiction Vladimir Pozniak.

He added: “There are many signs of psychological distress to gambling addiction, including if the desire to play computer games begins to dominate other interests and interfere with a person’s social life for at least 12 months.”

He stressed that “many people spend more time in front of the computer during vacations and holidays, including playing games, however, this is not a reason to suspect that they have a disease of gambling addiction.”

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He added: “Extensive computer game play, not only during the day, but even if it continues, not consecutively, for several days, any such intense gaming is not a feature of a gaming disorder, and it cannot be said that any increase in gaming constitutes a gaming disorder. And that’s not true.”

Representatives of the computer game industry opposed the inclusion of gambling addiction in the list of diseases, and entertainment software associations and federations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Brazil and South Africa indicated in a joint statement that “such a move is not a sufficient objective scientific justification”, and that games have “educational and therapeutic” functions. .

Source: “Novosti”



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