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Xiaomi is one of the most innovative smartphone manufacturers in the world. The cell phone that has now appeared not only looks absolutely crazy, but could actually also be developed by Xiaomi in this way.


Xiaomi mobile phone consists almost entirely of displays

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi wanted to launch the Mi Mix Alpha on the market last year, which is equipped with a display that extends around the entire cell phone. The smartphone was postponed indefinitely due to various problems. Now it has become known that Xiaomi wants to escalate even more. This time, the cell phone basically consists of displays – only the camera on the back is not. Based on the patent, a designer created a video in which you can take a closer look at the design:

Ultimately, the smartphone, which is marketed here under the name Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Pro, would have two displays. One at the front, which runs completely over the sides, and a flat panel on the back under the camera. The camera, on the other hand, was almost compact camera level – at least from the optics. Xiaomi would create a design that the world would never have seen in its form. You would also expand the possibilities with a cell phone. For example, you could use the rear display as a selfie monitor. The possibilities are many.

What else Xiaomi has in the portfolio:

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Is the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Pro coming on the market?

That’s the big question. Xiaomi wanted to sell the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, but then postponed it. From a purely technical point of view, the Pro model is even easier to manufacture, so that one can already assume that such a cell phone could come onto the market. But it shouldn’t be cheap for sure. But details are still missing, so that we can enjoy the design of the cell phone, but still have to be patient.