The work of post-quantum cryptography on the Russian Baikal processor is shown

The Russian startup QApp during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2022) demonstrated the operation of so-called post-quantum cryptography algorithms in a system based on the domestic Baikal processor.

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Post-quantum cryptographic algorithms are based on a special class of mathematical transformations, the inversion of which is very difficult for both classical and quantum computers. In fact, we are talking about information security methods that will be resistant to hacking with the help of quantum computing systems of the future.

At SPIEF 2022, QApp presented a package of specialized software adapted to run on a computer with a Baikal-M processor. It is noted that for the first time algorithms of post-quantum cryptography were implemented and tested on a platform with Arm architecture.

  Image source: / Gerd Altmann

Image source: / Gerd Altmann

«Such cases are practically absent on the Russian market, but they clearly demonstrate the high readiness of Russian hardware and software to integrate advanced technologies into the industry. We have created a serious groundwork for the transition of state and business information systems to quantum-resistant solutions“, says QApp.

According to TASS, QApp has already received a certificate of compatibility with devices based on Bakal-M processors: personal computers, server solutions, industrial systems and network equipment.

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