The wording of the poor appeal in the statements to stop the war is a sin that has no place for its expression in the revolutionary grammar!!  .. Written by: Omar Al-Hawij – Sudanile

The wording of the poor appeal in the statements to stop the war is a sin that has no place for its expression in the revolutionary grammar!! .. Written by: Omar Al-Hawij – Sudanile

Capsule: (1)
Al-Mansheya faction: The violations of Kizan Hamidti’s soldiers, by virtue of their belief, are concentrated in murders, looting, rape, kidnapping, and the occupation of hospitals and citizens’ homes. This is how their war is destructive sabotage.
The Palace Faction: The violations of Kizan al-Burhan’s soldiers by virtue of their belief are concentrated in the crimes of cultural, historical and existential murder, the burning of the museum, the comprehensive library, and the document.. Thus their war of destructive sabotage.
Capsule: (2)
Kizan Al-Manshiya: We swear, oh we, oh you, and we have arrested you now. Anas al-Khiban and al-Jazouli, the ISIS leader, and Kurt-Yan, and their confessions of your role in this war, the debate between you and us.. and victory is ours.
Kizan al-Qasr: We swear, we are, you, tomorrow we will defeat you and do actions against you, oh the favor of al-Turabi, who are covered in the Daglo militia and his usurping soldiers. In this war, the debate is between you and us.. and victory is ours.
The people of Sudan: We swear, oh we, oh you, and we will expose you among our present and future generations, and we will mobilize world public opinion against you, and you will spend with your own hand, not with the hand of anyone else, after the war, the debate between us and you.. and victory is ours.


Everyone welcomed the Jeddah negotiations, and the mediation carried out by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America, and behind them the majority of the international community, to stop this war baked and kneaded, with dirty, contaminated hands, information from the waste of the defunct regime and their supporters, but it is noted that most of the statements that were issued internally welcomed, denounced and condemned , especially the declared statements of the Central Freedom and Change parties, and others, which “appeal!!” With the rejected hope and palliative, and its disastrous consequences, addressed to the two generals to stop the war, if the welcome of the initiative itself is desirable and required, then the humiliating appeal to the two generals is a position that has no place in expression, in “towards” the great revolutions, so how do you appeal to those who want to kill you, when your weapon is your people, stronger and greater From what the enemy imagined, the appeal is not the role of mature peoples, especially a people like the people of Sudan, with its history full of revolutionary feats, the latest of which is its continuous Decembrist feat, in which it fought the battle of its four-year revolution, lived by “love and nostalgia” for a new and revival Sudan, in the midst of the Pampans and Mesilat Tears, and not tears alone, but gouging out the eyes from their sockets, followed by Dushka and rubber bullets and deadly cartridges, all of them. With regard to death, there is no difference between a citizen dying with this type of intentional killing tool, in processions and peaceful demonstrations. Or death by throwing cannons, and Antonov projectiles that cross the rooftops and buildings of houses, to kill whoever is in his bed..sleeping, and these statements, which were not satisfied with praising the negotiations and their supporters, as we said that they are welcome, desirable and required, but not welcome, and not desirable, but rather needed. The confrontation with the harshest rejection and the harshest condemnation is the appeal, with which these statements are made, to the two murderous, fighting generals, or rather precisely, to those behind them from the two deviant, deviant Islamist factions. These disgraceful statements appeal to them to stop the war going on over the heads of citizens, as if the mouthpiece of the statement says, “We repent to God and His Messenger from the preoccupation of these revolutions, so forgive us and forgive us. Do not kill us, for God’s sake.”
Or as if it was this intrepid people who authorized them, agreeing, to go down to the arena of the ongoing war, and asked them to kill him, and even paid them the price of entry tickets to the battlefield, so that they could enjoy their dirty game, and each encourage the team that he chooses, which they are actually trying to market, so instead it is for God. It is for God. It became their slogan this time, stolen from the slogans file of October, April and December, and altering its meaning to falsehood, “One army, one people”, in order to bring it down maliciously and challenge the patriotism of the defeated people, in order to narrow down on them their options, so either you are with the army, or you are the traitor. And they are consciously aware, “but the purpose” is that the citizen knows the knowledge of certainty, which does not come to him from his left or his right, that the army is the people’s army and not the army of al-Burhan and his security committee and the choir of Nazi and Islamic remnants whose remnants were shared by the two warring parties, between the facility or the palace, the army Or Rapid Support, Al-Burhan or Hamidti, whichever one rules and controls.

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Among the paradoxes of this dirty war, among all the wars and internal conflicts that took place in the region around us, and in many countries that history has pursued in its civil wars, you notice that this dirty “our” war, which our people disavow, is the only one that was distinguished by the fact that it did not In it, the people are divided into two warring factions, each of which took up arms against the other, supporting and advocating, “even if the arrow of their call went out when they called on the citizens to take up arms.” Another feature of our dirty “war” that our people have disavowed, you also notice very clearly, in the same civil wars around us, that even the international community, each according to its interests, sided with one of the two parties with its weapons, or even the multilateral parties if there were any. As for this dirty war of ours, most of our people demanded its cessation, except for the very few of the two parties that ignited it, and the remnants whose shadow organizations and popular security carried their weapons, siding with the party that it managed to joints, since its thirtieth years of rule, which extended until then, against the other party that It created it, empowered it, shaped it, and created it from non-existence, noting that even the external parties, which were biased before the war for their own interests, to one party rather than another, whether the party was the army or the Rapid Support Forces, these countries did not dare to declare their bias, and hid it, but rather swallowed it out of fear and excitement. For safety, and this stems from the international community’s knowledge of the solidity of the Sudanese people, and their sure desire and passion for democracy, and its advantages in the renaissance and progress of peoples, and without you America, which was dazzled by our revolution, and praised by its president, Biden personally, and forced it to stand with determination to support our overwhelming and core yearning for democracy, and perhaps even Biden and his influence for safety For fear of the pressure of world public opinion and its media, which was identified with astonishment with the unique revolution of Sudan, and here we must, in my own estimation, offer praise, albeit a cautious tribute to the Egyptian government, that it chose in its dealing with this dirty war, with the right direction, by Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and not through its central intelligence as it used to do, throughout the years of its relationship with Sudan since its independence. By transferring the Sudan file from the intelligence services to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian government avoided itself falling into awakening the sensitivity of the Sudanese people against it in this sensitive circumstance of the ugly war. And if we continue to blame her for her late understanding, which is motivated by the interest of her national security, and was not the result of taking our national security with her, when she tested it and implemented it, and by that I mean her understanding of the danger of political Islam to her, when she sensed the possibility of it moving to her, then she decided to stop him with an entry visa, assigning displaced Sudanese heading to her Exhaustion, time and money. As for the day our giant revolution “this spider political Islam” besieged him and almost wiped out his existence, the Egyptian intelligence extended its hand to him with ease, albeit with good intentions, and its intelligence was able to establish his rule with the unconditional support of the proof, knowing that whoever is behind him, his support and his incubator is terrorism. Political Islam, and it kept arranging for it its coups and most of its conspiracies, and even accompanied it and accompanied it, forming a complete front, from the remnants of the defunct regime and some of the putschists and other finishers, in the name of the democratic bloc, an objective equivalent and competitor to the soft centralization of freedom and change, which was blindly coordinated, and made it and the democratic bloc a party The struggle is on the Sudanese arena and no one else, and they became together: the central and the bloc, opposing forces, to the bloc of the real and living forces of the revolution, which are in its streets that do not betray, which were completely ignored as if they did not exist, as if they were not the revolution in itself and its attributes, until the danger of that planted contradiction became clear to them Between the revolution and the counter-revolution, which was organized by the Egyptian intelligence and imagined it to be the final abortion of the revolution, until this contradiction exploded within these manufactured blocs themselves, and this was one of the most important reasons that led to the outbreak of this dirty war, which the people of Sudan disavowed.
The question that haunts us, as a people who are neighbors, brothers and sisters, and eternal relations as they claim, and we, behind them, claim, and the question is why the Egyptian intelligence does not mind that the terrorism of political Islam kills us, and they do their best to keep it away from them?? To the point of issuing death sentences, “yesterday near D”, against the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and some of his leaders, and he is awaiting execution, after presenting their papers to the Mufti of the Republic, and then signing the head of state on it, knowing that in their country he is well-off and is present with all welcome, their servant Gosh is the director National security, and Ella the last prime minister in the government of political Islam and others, and they weave conspiracies within the reach of a computer from their eyes and even help them in implementation, and the ultimate results were this dirty war that the people of Sudan disavowed.
And if the Egyptian government would allow me to appeal to it, and here the appeal is appropriate, because it is not an appeal to our soft parties, to stop the murderers, but rather my appeal here to stop the killers, and perhaps it is more advice than an appeal, by requesting the cancellation of the death sentence issued against the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and his companions, Not out of love for them, but rather a lesson from experiences. When Abd al-Nasser executed Sayyid Qutb, the execution did not kill him, but rather revived him again, by reviving his thought, which pervaded villages and urban areas, just as the execution did not kill the martyr Abd al-Khaliq Mahjoub, nor the martyr Mahmoud Muhammad Taha, but rather revived them again. By reviving their thought, which permeated villages and urban areas.

And finally, instead of appealing to the disappointed direction and the result, all the forces of the revolution, without excluding anyone, “other than the National Congress and its many-headed Islamists, disguised behind many names.”
I say to all the forces of the revolution, without dispersion and away from amoebic divisions, with their opportunistic, exclusionary and inherited tendencies, the formation of the National Front for the Protection of the Homeland and Democracy, first and as an urgent necessity to stop the war, and secondly to stop the collapse of Sudan, and its rise again to build it. And.. Hanbanihu, but with work, then work and achievement on the ground, not with statements, condemnations, appeals, and fiery speeches.

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