The woman who gave the place to do good hit her child by saying ‘I just put on my white pants’

In an incident that took place on the Fatih-Taksim bus, a woman started to travel with her child by sitting on opposite seats.

When an old man got on the bus at a stop, the woman took her son, who was sitting across from her, in her arms as a favor and gave the old man a place. As the little boy got up from the sofa, his foot hit the old man’s white pants, and the old man made a mess.

Surprised by what had happened, the mother first tried to take her child away and then responded to the old man who insulted and shouted. Meanwhile, when the old man tried to hit him with his hand, there was an argument between the man and the woman. Those on the bus reacted to the old man. After a while, the people on the bus took the woman and her child to the back of the bus and put them on the seat.


The little boy, who was sitting in another seat in the back, cried because of the fearful moments he experienced. Meanwhile, a woman on the bus calmed the little boy by giving him water. The mother, on the other hand, said of those moments, “I gave a place, the foot of the child touched his pants, for this reason he hit my child. My child was very scared, I was also very scared,” he said.

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