The wolf that roamed the Lot would have been killed, but the prefecture remains on its guard

The wolf that roamed the Lot would have been killed, but the prefecture remains on its guard

the essential On August 5, a she-wolf was killed by a wolf-hunting lieutenant in Quissac. If the genetic analyzes are still in progress, it would probably be the beast that has been prowling the Causse du Quercy since June 2022. The prefecture remains on its guard, and is already preparing for a return of the animal. A wolf committee met this Friday in Cahors.

“Since August 5, there have been no more incidents in the herds,” said Claire Raulin, prefect of Lot. This Friday, a wolf committee met at the prefecture, in Cahors. Two objectives: to take stock of the taking of a wolf in Quissac last month, but also to anticipate the future. A return of the animal to the Lot cannot be ruled out. Above all, the prefect wanted to salute the commitment of all the actors in this crisis, such as the State or the breeders. “This spirit of dialogue between everyone has been confirmed within this committee”, says Claire Raulin.

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A month ago, a wolf succumbed to a simple defensive shot orchestrated by a wolfing lieutenant as the animal was about to attack a herd of sheep. Is this the beast that has been terrorizing Causse breeders for a year and three months? Everything suggests it. “There are a certain number of concordant beams. The characteristics of the animal, in particular, are similar”, slips Jean-Pascal Lebreton, head of the Departmental Directorate of Lot territories. However, the prefecture, which estimated that a single wolf acted on the department, remains cautious. Next week, a necropsy will be performed. The results of the genetic analysis will be known soon. As a reminder, 106 attacks have been recorded from June 2022 to this month of August, including 38 since the beginning of the year. For the French Office of Biodiversity, the wolf would have directly killed 127 animals and injured 144 others.

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Preparing for a return of the animal

The time has therefore come to draw lessons. “It’s a very good record, which has made it possible to deal with this situation,” said Claire Raulin. Compensation for affected farmers will continue. All the measures taken since last summer have been consistent with the national wolf plan. The latter will, moreover, be updated by next January.

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The wolf committee was also intended to prepare for the future. The prefecture remains on its guard: the Lot is not immune to seeing the wolf return to its land. The device will be consolidated. “Vigilance is there. It will be maintained. It is important to do so”, assures the prefect of Lot. Work will continue and is divided into four themes. “We will first of all address all the elements that we must work on in the context of crisis management”, describes the prefect of Lot. Then comes the protection of herds in a department where pastoralism is very important. “Support for the financing of electric fences and guard dogs, as well as their maintenance, will be continued”, underlines Jean-Pascal Lebreton.

Claire Raulin and Jean-Pascal Lebreton took stock of the wolf committee this Friday.
Claire Raulin and Jean-Pascal Lebreton took stock of the wolf committee this Friday. DDM Aouregan Texier

Then, the monitoring of the lupine population. In this regard, the departmental director indicates that the observation scheme can be further strengthened. Via the OFB, hunters, but also anyone wishing to learn about the traces of a wolf’s presence. Since the animal was spotted in the Lot, 33 people have been trained. This allowed 25 feedbacks to the OFB. “This makes it possible to better anticipate the return of the wolf”, insists Claire Raulin. And finally, communication and information. “We will continue to provide all the necessary information. Support for the various actors concerned, and in particular the breeders, will continue, reassures Claire Raulin. They must be accompanied.”

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