The Witcher series: Henry Cavill tackled by the designer

The Witcher series: Henry Cavill tackled by the designer

According to several rumors, Henry Cavill’s departure from The Witcher series was motivated by tensions with the creation of the adaptation. Looking back, we realize that things had started badly between them.


With the departure of Henry Cavill, the future of The Witcher series is uncertain. Netflix intends to continue to capitalize on its successful adaptation by betting on Liam Hemsworth as a replacement ready to put on the mantle of Geralt de Riv. The actor is very invested in his role and according to his future comrades, he does not spare his efforts to surprise his detractors. His predecessor himself knew all of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books like the back of his hand and had bled video games.

Henry Caville “painful” according to the creator of the series The Witcher

The actor then gave himself body and soul to the role of Geralt de Riv, making himself the guardian of the lore and the original work on the set. This particularly pronounced enthusiasm, however, was not to everyone’s taste. According to the creator of The Witcher series, Henry Cavill’s behavior was already excessive before he even got the role.

In an interview for Vulture from 2019 recently resurfaced to return to fuel rumors surrounding tensions between the showrunneuse and the actor behind the scenes. According to her, the fallen interpreter of Geralt de Riv would have harassed her agents and herself in the hope of obtaining the role as soon as he heard that a series The Witcher was in the cards. ” It was really painful,” she explains. “I will meet you. The series has not even been ordered yet there is nothing. THANKS. Now I gotta go write the show “, she had then replied. A behavior that Henry Cavill had himself assumed at the time by confirming that he had pushed his agents to land the role.

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According to persistent rumors, the atmosphere was not good between Henry Cavill and the creator of the series The Witcher. The actor would have become a referent outing on the set, and would have regularly asked for script changes on inconsistencies or too big infidelities to the original work. The original interpreter of Geralt would have often deviated from the script by regularly improvising to the chagrin of the production. It would be these differences of opinion that would have been at the origin of the conflicts that led to his departure from the series.

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