The anonymous person who bought the seat on New Shepard, with the help of which Jeff Bezos will make his first suborbital flight, suddenly refused to take part in it. Instead, the vacant seat on the ship will be taken by the 18-year-old son of a Dutch businessman, Oliver Daman. Also, along with the founder of Amazon, his brother and 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk will go to overcome the Karman line.

Aboard the New Shepard spacecraft, a replacement – an anonymous auction winner who paid $ 28 million for a ticket to space, refused to participate in the launch. Instead, an 18-year-old teenager will board Jeff Bezos’s ship, the portal reports. Gizmodo.

The lucky one is named Oliver Daman, he just graduated from high school and is preparing to go to college.

His father is Dutch entrepreneur Jos Demen, CEO of Somerset Capital Partners. It is reported that the businessman paid a certain amount of money so that his son could take part in the launch of New Shepard.

“We pushed Daman higher on the waiting list when it became known about the free space on the first ship,” Blue Origin told CNBC.

Anonymous, who previously paid $ 28 million, was unable to take part in the flight due to “conflicts in the schedule,” the press service explained.

Blue Origin owner Jeff Bezos will travel on a New Shepard rocket to an altitude of over 100 km, that is, overcome the so-called Karman Line, which is a kind of boundary of space. Together with him will fly his brother Mark, as well as 82-year-old pilot Wally Funk.

Thus, Bezos’s crew will break two records at once: Oliver Daman will become the youngest astronaut, and Funk will become the oldest.

The flight, in which Bezos will participate, will be Blue Origin’s first controlled launch to an altitude of over 100 kilometers. The company sent New Shepard in test mode about 15 times. As soon as the rocket reaches the required height, a capsule designed for six people is separated from it. Passengers experience weightlessness for several minutes. Further, both the rocket and the capsule return to Earth – the latter with the help of a parachute. The entire flight will take about 11 minutes.

On July 11, another billionaire, Richard Branson, also went on a suborbital flight. He owns the space company Virgin Galactic. The date of the flight was chosen, rather, spontaneously – when Branson found out about Bezos’s plans, he did not want to give up the title of the first billionaire in space to the founder of Amazon.

“When I was little, I stood with my father and sister and looked at the moon, and I was told that Buzz and Neil walked on it. And then I thought that someday I will fly into space, “- Branson told reporters on the eve of the launch.

The maximum flight altitude was 280 thousand feet (about 85 kilometers), the speed exceeded 3 Mach numbers. About 1 hour and 20 minutes after the launch, the suborbital ship successfully landed at the departure airfield.

Meanwhile, on Blue Origin refused to admit the competitor’s flight is truly space-based, as Branson never made it to the Karman line.