The wife’s mistake that led to the arrest of Roberto Sandoval

Roberto Sandoval He lived by the bush between San Pedro Garza Garcia and Linares, in New Lion; also in Zapopan, Jalisco, and in Santa Fe, in Mexico City, for almost a year. Finally, after more than three months locked up without opening the windows of his shelter, he was arrested by federal forces on Sunday, June 6, just before the largest election day in Mexican history.

The persecution of the former governor of Nayarit It got worse this year, although they already had it in their sights even since the end of the former president’s government Enrique Peña Nieto. Federal agents from various corporations, except the Secretary of the Navy, followed in his footsteps, at homes and ranches in Zapopan, Jalisco; in the capital of the country; in the Santa Fe area, and in the richest neighborhood in the country: San Pedro.

According to federal sources, in New Lion had political shelter that reached for the judicial. There was search warrants requested, but were denied, allowing him to move when they were very close to stopping him.

The informants They say that there was a moment, towards the beginning of the year, when Sandoval, his wife and daughter, as well as their most trusted environment, got rid of all their mobile phones, except one belonging to an aide from the Nayarit.

That was the thread of the skein that for almost four and a half months led them to know that he was at a home in San Pedro Garza Garcia, considered as the municipality where the people with the highest purchasing power in the country live.

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The operation with resources of illicit origin It was the crime for which the Public Prosecutor’s Office Nayarit He was looking for the person who governed that state for the PRI between 2011 and 2017. From humble origins, in his rise through politics he began to acquire expensive tastes, such as fine horses. He came to have one of those animals stuffed on one of his ranches in Nayarit.

As they tell, in New Lion They tried to lead an almost normal life. They went out to shopping malls, they felt safe.

Sometime, the Sandovals They were in a house in Zapopan of someone very close who gave them support in New Lion.

After that they broke up. Around the month of March, after it was made public that there was a arrest warrant against his daughter, both went to take refuge again in New Lion. According to sources, the former governor and his daughter did not even go out to the windows, which is why their appearance was pale when they were captured.

Reports ensure that Sandoval I trusted that the relay of government in Nayarit It would be beneficial to him to avoid being captured.

However, behind him, the sources consulted explain, his main Achilles heel is Edgar Veytia, nicknamed The devil, who was his secretary of Public Security, deputy attorney and then dared to promote him for the State Attorney General’s Office.

Roberto Sandoval has been singled out by the United States for allegedly having ties to drug trafficking.

Edgar Veytia was sentenced by the Brooklyn Court, in New York, – the same one in which he took the case of General Salvador Cienfuegos and Genaro García Luna (without indications of a possible relationship between the two so far) – to 20 years of jail, in 2019, after pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges.

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In May 2019, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (I DO IT, for its acronym in English) of the Department of the Treasury of the United States included in its list to Roberto Sandoval Castañeda. With this, their bank accounts, as well as properties anywhere in the world, were insured, in accordance with the Patriot Act of the US government.

That is why following a wide circle of Sandoval contacts went on for months.

Until Friday, when former governor’s wife She arrived in Monterrey and was detected by the follow-up they had of her and one of the cell phones of the Sandoval security body.

That was the mistake. She did not realize that she was being followed by special agents and thus, without a single shot, a character fell whose ramifications with the narco allegedly go beyond what is public today.


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