The wife of “Coco” Basile died: her medication could not enter the country

In the last hours Nilda Chiangaglini, wife of Alfio “Coco” Basile, died, former coach of the Argentine National Team and Boca, among other teams. According to her daughter Sabrina publicly denounced, the woman needed a drug that could no longer enter the country.

“She died for Epoc because all last year and this the pulmonologist attended her by phone and the medication he was taking that came from abroad no longer entered the country“the woman’s daughter posted on Twitter, Sabrina Basile.

The couple had married at the time that Basile played in Racing and they were the parents of Alfito, Natacha and Sabrina. The last one was in charge of denying the first versions about the death of his mother, which said that he had died from Covid. The “Coco” was infected until June 24 when he was discharged.

Basile and his wife on the beach

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The news caused pain in the football world. Basile, with a great career, is well loved in the environment and has left a mark on all the clubs he led, especially in Racing and Boca, not to mention his time in the National Team where winning the Copa America in its first cycle. Therefore, clubs like the Academy sent condolences to Coco and his entire family.

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