The WhatsApp trick to send a video that then destroys itself

One of the nice things about Instagram is that you can privately send photos and above all videos that self-destruct immediately. These contents can be seen once and that’s it, then evaporate into thin air, they don’t hang around and honestly this is a relief.

But maybe you don’t know that this service is not exclusive to IG but also belongs to the most used messaging platform in the world and above all the one most used by you and me: WhatsApp. So here’s the trick to sending a self-destructing video, without worrying about what they’ll do with it once you send it.

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Enter the chat where you want to send this video and click on the camera to open it. Now you could take a photo, shoot a video, or go to your gallery and send an already taken photo, image or old movie.

Choosing any of these options you will notice that before submitting this content you have the option to select a small “1” which is next to the space to write a caption. If you click on that number you will have activated this function and your video or photo can only be seen once and then disappear. (Be careful though, because there is always the possibility to take a screenshot, unfortunately you can’t avoid that).

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