The WhatsApp trick to cancel your last login

WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world, most of the time it is extremely useful, it allows us to organize anything with a speed that in other times was unthinkable and obviously puts us in a position to take care of many relationships, both work and private. , daily basis.

The problem with WhatsApp, however, is that it observes its subscribers with a somewhat heavy insistence. As you know when you enter the app everyone knows that you are online, it is written, it is tracked to the second. If you enter any chat you will see the message “Last accessed today at …” and of course the others do it with you.

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However, there is a way to avoid this form of control. You will be able to enter the chats silently, without being forced to reveal your presence and consequently responding in a hurry to all conversations.

Go to the application settings and click on “Privacy”. In this section you can decide who will be able to read your last access. By default you will be set to “All”, but you can also choose “None”, or, as a middle ground, you can only let your contacts know if you are online and how long you have been online.

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