At present, the mental health it has become more relevant due to the impact that the pandemic has had on the lives of all people. Feeling good, health and nutrition have become the main concerns, these concerns have become more evident within companies.

About the World Mental Health Day held this October 10, is a good time to reflect on the work that lies ahead and the commitment that companies must continue assuming to ensure that their employees can carry out their tasks without neglecting their well-being, and that it allows them to maintain their productivity and a life-work balance.

According to a study by the professional social network LinkedIn, 46% of people prefer that their companies opt for hybrid schemes where face-to-face work is mixed with work from home, while 28% said they are comfortable with full-time work at home and 26% would like to return from full form to the office.

These schemes have allowed people to spend more time with the family, to carry out activities that they could not do before because of time, the commute to and from work and the exhaustion of being away from home for so long.

However, the importance of maintaining emotional stability has been accentuated, since more than a year after confinement, people have had to face the stress of being at home all day. According to Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) 75% of Mexicans suffer from work stress fatigue.

Likewise, economic, emotional, physical and social tensions have increased around the world. According to the Wellness Diagnostic Survey 2021 from Willis Towers Watson, a leading global counseling company, today, companies know that stress is the main challenge faced by employees for their well-being with 79%, followed by depression, lack of exercise, physical health and finances.

Therefore, today more than ever the commitment of companies with their workers must be reflected in strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening the well-being of each of its members.

One of the companies that realized this is Mondelz Mexico, one of the first companies in Mexico to send all its administrative workers home since the beginning of the pandemic. Subsequently, he conducted a series of courses, webinars and online trainings permanently through his campaign ‘Mondelēz is with you’.

The company prioritizes its people with flexible hours, development programs and psychological support, as well as a focus on a work culture that inspires passion and happiness, in which it encourages employees to integrate well-being into their day-to-day, holistically. This year, September 17 was granted as a day of rest for employees to have a long and enjoyable bridge with their families.

“To keep my mind clear I prioritize my being before anything else, I respect my eating, resting and physical activity schedules. Also, I take responsibility for my emotions and needs, take psychological therapy It has helped me to have the necessary tools for strong mental health. At Mondelēz Mexico we have PAE, Employee Service Program, a confidential and psychological support tool available to all ”he indicated Rodrigo Ortiz, Profits analyst.

“Fortunately since childhood I have included sport as part of my daily life. Unfortunately, it is possible for people to inherit some diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer, so I pay attention to food to have a balanced life, without leaving aside a moment of indulgence. At Mondelēz, I have the opportunity to pay attention to my health, with a focus on balance and consistency ”, he indicated Rebeca Martinez, purchasing specialist.

These testimonials are an example that a balance can be achieved, maintaining a work culture in which the well-being of the collaborators predominates. Because, Mondelēz International is carrying out a series of activities throughout the month of October and which began in the Purpose Day that the company celebrates on October 1, with a focus on wellness. Activities promote three important pillars: mind, body, and connections. And they range from internal challenges, volunteer activities, to talks with external experts such as a Health coach or a Psychotherapist who will talk to them about how to avoid burnout and have a harmonious relationship between personal and work life; among other topics.

The program began with a session in which the CEO of Mondelēz International, Dirk Van de Put, spoke of the importance of the company’s purpose “Snacking Made Right”Of empowering people to consume the right snack, at the right time, made in the right way and the company’s opportunity to have a positive impact on people; also participated Clif Smith, an international bestseller, who guided the session on mindfulness or Mindfulness and in which collaborators from the 150 countries in which the company is present were connected.

“During this month, we want to inspire our collaborators to achieve a balance that makes them feel whole. We trust that this program will provide you with peace of mind, happiness and a lot of learning with the sessions that we have prepared so that you can integrate healthier habits into your life and achieve a balance in your day-to-day life. We also include volunteer opportunities to promote the well-being of the community ”he indicated Victor Bravo, director of People of the company.

This is an example of how some companies are committed to the well-being of their collaborators and promote a work culture that prioritizes the mental health of each of the collaborators through strategies that allow maintaining stability inside and outside the organization.

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