The wedding of Federico Bernardeschi and Veronica Ciardi: married in Carrara 48 hours from the final

On Tuesday 13 July, just 48 hours after the victory on the Wembley field, the player of the national team and Juventus Federico Bernardeschi and the former Big Brother contestant Veronica Ciardi they got married to Carrara, hometown of the player. The ceremony took place in Duomo of the Tuscan municipality, the celebrations instead in the bathing establishment The Prince of the Maestra Pit, which Bernardeschi recently bought.

“To be honest, I saw him more tense on the eve of the final than on the eve of the wedding. But they are different emotions, ”he said Bernardeschi’s father, Alberto, just before the ceremony. Federico was welcomed by a crowd of fans and fellow citizens who also sang stadium choirs when they left the church. He, to thank, after getting into the Jeep with his wife, stood up and greeted everyone shouting “European champions”.

Bernardeschi gets married: at the exit from the church the choir “We are European champions” starts

No player of the national team was present at the ceremony: “They all celebrated in Rome last night” the father of the groom always revealed, Alberto Bernardeschi.

The bride arrived on board a Beetle, before the groom, 45 minutes late on the scheduled time. So Ciardi went around the center and then returned to the Duomo. When the groom arrived, the crowd went into raptures: Federico, completely dressed in white, waited for Veronica at the door of the church, holding the bouquet. The ceremony lasted an hour.

The wedding photos of Federico Bernardeschi and Veronica Ciardi

The look of the groom, sports shoes, gray jacket, white pants and a kind of shirt up to the knee, has not gone unnoticed, especially on social media!

Who is Veronica Ciardi, Bernardeschi’s wife

Veronica Ciardi, born in Rome in 1985, is known for having taken part in the tenth edition of Big Brother (year 2009/2010).
The 36-year-old has been linked to the national team footballer (born in 1994) since 2016. The couple already has two daughters, Deva born in 2019 and Lena, who arrived last May and baptized during her parents’ wedding.

Federico Bernardeschi
veronica ciardi

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