This Monday, the anticyclone will swell again over France, bringing dry and quite sunny weather after the dissipation of the morning fogs. The afternoon will be mild everywhere.

This Monday February 20, the fogs will be numerous in the morning in the North, Brittany, the Center, the East, near the Pyrenees as well as in Val de Saône, note The Weather Channel*. Between Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and Corsica, the sky will be clear in the morning. In the afternoon, the sky will clear and a generous sun will shine on most regions, except near the English Channel.

The weather in your area

Near the English Channelfrom Brittany to Hauts-de-France, even if it’s not raining, the day will take place in a rather tenacious sometimes foggy greyness.

Minimum temperatures: 2 to 7°C. Maximum: 9 to 12°C.

Of the Pyrenees au South Eastthe sun will continue to shine, despite low clouds that are still just as persistent in the Côte d’Azur as well as in Corsica.

Minimum temperatures: 2 to 10°C. Maximum: 15 to 18°C.

On all other regions, caution due to fog in the morning, which will greatly reduce visibility and will sometimes have difficulty dissipating. Then the sunny spells will return and it will be quite nice and mild in the afternoon.

Minimum temperatures: 2 to 7°C. Highs: 12 to 18°C, up to 20 to 23°C on the Basque coast.

Forecasts for the next few days

Mardi, despite an increasingly cloudy sky in the West and less fog than Monday morning in the North, the feeling will be pleasant in the afternoon due to the mildness. Near the Mediterranean, on the other hand, there will be many maritime entries, bringing some showers to the Cévennes.

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Wednesday, a disturbance descending from the British Isles and linked to a cold drop aloft (or surface low) will descend along the Atlantic regions. It will cause temporarily sustained rains in the North-West. Ahead of this disturbance, the sky will be heavy with a few showers that will remain scattered. From Alsace to the Alps, the clearings will continue all day. Temperatures will start to drop.

*The Weather Channel is a property of the Figaro group.

The weather forecast for Monday February 20: spring-like weather after fog