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The moves of Vladimir Putin on gas shouldn’t surprise us. In short, we could have been much better prepared. This, in a nutshell, is the reasoning of Eleonora TafuroISPI political analyst, guest of Veronica Gentili a Countercurrentin the episode of the talk show broadcast on Rete 4 on Saturday 18 June.

We must get Zelensky: the broadside of the Northern League player Romeo, Veronica Gentili di sasso |  Video

Commenting on the closure of gas pipelines and the sharp cut in supplies in retaliation for aid to Ukraine, Tafuro comments: “Putin he has always used energy as a weapon against his enemies. The European Union is now seen as an enemy. It then uses it as a weapon against its allies, offering subsidized prices as an economic incentive, but at the same time revoking those incentives for these friends to make choices that Russia likes, “he points out.

Veronica Gentili a few seconds from the live broadcast: down there ... to be left dry |  Look

The Ispi analyst then continues his analysis: “Putin has shown that he uses energy in a very cynical way, he is waiting for the vulnerabilities and divergences of European countries to come to the surface, crumbling that unity demonstrated up to now. It is a wait-and-see strategy that he knows he can exploit “, concludes Tafuro, showing how the weapons in the hands of Tsar Putin are proving to be incredibly powerful, perhaps more powerful than what one might have expected.



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