The war in Ukraine has influenced the next Metro game: “It has made us rethink what kind of story it should deal with”

If you are reading this news, you have probably played a game from the Metro saga. The three titles have proven to be brilliant productions that have hooked fans for their story and great gameplay. Metro Exodus proved that 4A Games can make truly amazing games by betting on fairly open areasbut there is currently quite a bit of mystery surrounding its upcoming title.

Via Gaming store We have been able to read some more information about the next subway game. 4A Games has pointed out in its website that their next games will be “ready when they are, as we continue to channel all our passion, our best efforts and our craft into them.” However, they have also delved into what kind of message they want to ship with their video games.

“We have never hidden that the Metro series has always had a strong political and anti-war message. Yes, we’ve always wanted to entertain and immerse you in our post-apocalyptic world, but there’s also been a bigger story to tell. And the war in Ukraine has made us rethink what kind of story should i treat the next Metro”, they point out from the official website.

“All the themes of Metro – conflict, power, politics, tyranny, repression – are now part of our daily lives. So we are adopting them to the new game with a renewed purpose”, they reveal about the war in Ukraine. “Like you, we are looking forward to the day when we can share more information about the games.”

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What did we think of Metro Exodus?

Metro Exodus

A few years ago we had the great fortune to explore outside the tunnels with Artyom, and in our Metro Exodus review we put it this way: “Metro Exodus demonstrates live up to the saga and while it doesn’t make too many changes to its formula, it manages to stay fresh by changing some general aspects of the game and expanding its horizons.”



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