The German brand is preparing to expand the geography of sales of the SUV, which, in fact, is an analogue of the Skoda Karoq. We have such a VW cross, most likely, will be available with the same engines as the Skoda model.

Back in 2018, the Volkswagen Tharu crossover debuted in China; it is one step below the Tiguan. And only in the PRC so far they sell the model, “their” version is produced at the local plant of the joint venture VW and SAIC. However, it has long been known that the production of this SUV will also be established in Mexico (from there they plan to supply it to the United States), Argentina (a model for their assembly should still appear in Brazil) and Russia. By the way, in March Herbert Diess, head of Volkswagen, in his speech dedicated to the annual report of the entire concern, once again confirmed that Skoda and the German brand are preparing new SUVs for Russia. Probably, it was a question of Skoda Karoq (sales of Karoq in the Russian Federation started last winter) and an analogue of Tharu, because these models are the closest relatives. We saw the Mexican version of the VW cross without camouflage in spy photos in March, and now there are pictures of the Argentinean assembly model, the reader sent them to the editorial office of Autoblog Argentina.

Earlier it was reported that outside of China, the cross may receive the name Tarek, but the name has not yet been officially announced (it is assumed that this will be done in August, and, quite possibly, they will choose their own name for each region). Thanks to previous photographs, we know that the Mexican SUV looks different from the Chinese Tharu. The Argentine version also seems to have its own design: this SUV has slightly different headlights, front bumper and grille. However, it is possible that in Mexico the paparazzi came across a car in a different configuration, well, or in a clever disguise for which Volkswagen is so famous. Be that as it may, other versions differ from the Chinese Tharu even in less chrome on the body.

In China, the VW model was based on the local stretched Skoda Karoq: for the Tharu intended for the Celestial Empire, the length is 4453 mm (+21 mm compared to the Chinese Karoq), the wheelbase is 2680 mm (8 mm less than that of the “celestial” analog from Skoda). The Tarek is supposed to have almost the same dimensions.

Tharu is available to the Chinese with 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TSI petrol turbo fours with 150 and 186 hp. respectively. The first motor is paired with a seven-speed robotic gearbox DQ200 with two “dry” clutches, the second is equipped with a gearbox DQ381 with “wet” clutches. Tharu with the basic engine has only front-wheel drive, for a crossover with a two-liter engine, four-wheel drive with a rear axle clutch is provided. At first, the overseas Tarek was expected to have only 1.4 TSI with a classic six-speed automatic transmission. Now it is believed that the Argentine crossover can also get 2.0 TSI – in the “sport” version.

As for the Russian version of the VW SUV, it will probably be analogous to our Skoda Karoq. The length of the Russian Skoda is 4382 mm, the wheelbase is 2630 or 2638 mm (depending on the drive). In the Russian Federation, Karok can be bought today with a 1.4 TSI (150 hp), which is combined with an 8АКП or DSG6, all-wheel drive is allowed only for a cross with a robotic gearbox. Later, the Karoq with the Kaluga “aspirated” 1.6 MPI (110 hp) will enter the market, this motor works in tandem with the “mechanics” or 6АКП. For the Russian Federation, the Skoda model is assembled in Nizhny Novgorod at the facilities of the GAZ Group, perhaps the VW crossover will also be registered there. By the way, our version of the German brand SUV in terms of design may be slightly different from the others.

Outside of China, the new Volkswagen was planned to be presented in 2020, but here it is worth remembering the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, because of which these plans could be revised.