The Voice: the performance of Abram, street singer candidate, will give you chills

The Voice: the performance of Abram, street singer candidate, will give you chills

From the street to The Voice, there is only one step. This 33-year-old young man, who left his job to be a singer and who performs on the streets in Paris, made a very strong impression on the show The Voice this Saturday, March 25.

It didn’t take long for the jury to turn on the first notes of Abram’s voice. At 33, this young man quit his job in order to live from his passion, singing. He performs in the streets of Paris and it is in the capital that people in charge of casting The Voice had spotted him.

The four jurors turn around

“When I saw that, I was seriously surprised because no one had come to talk to me. I thought it was incredible and at the same time it put pressure on me,” he said. he told to Star TV.

The pressure, the artist seems to have managed in any case well during his blind audition this Saturday, March 25. He delivered to the jury, from the back, an interpretation of the song “Cornerstone” by Benjamin Clementine, only piano and voice.

Discover his full performance in the show in the video below from 2 minutes 30. Quickly, Amel Bent and Zazie turn around, followed closely by Bigflo and Oli. Finally, seduced in turn, Vianney ends up turning around. “There is a gift (…) The stamp that you have, it’s your chance my old man. (…) Many of us will listen to you”, commented the coach in particular.

“I do not have the words”

“I consider that I did a year of training on the streets and I finally felt like I was able to present myself in front of professionals,” Abram told TéléLoisirs. He had felt things well since the singer was a hit during the show, with the jury, but also with viewers.

Yeah it’s good we stop there the auditions, it’s Abram the winner that’s all !! u2764ufe0fu2764ufe0fu2764ufe0f#TheVoice

– David M (@DavidM577) March 25, 2023

Abram… what can I say… except that you overwhelmed me with your magnificent performance tonight in #TheVoice ! ???? You have an absolutely beautiful voice, which gives chills, which is powerful. Bravo Abram, I don’t have the words it was so extraordinary.?? @nikosaliagas

– Soukaïna Bgg (@SoukainaBgg) March 25, 2023

Abram. He comes from there, he comes from the blues. Sensation. That deep voice…#TheVoice

— Florence Roman (@Flo_Roman92600) March 25, 2023

I’m telling you now and remember my tweet it’s Abram the winner this year????
Wow but what a beautiful voice u2764ufe0f bravo Abram magnificent?u2764ufe0f???


— Absolute Taboo ?u2764ufe0f?? ? ?⋆*ೄ.•*¨* ? (@AbsoluTaboo) March 25, 2023

According to the number of glowing comments on Twitter, Abram was rather unanimous on the side of Internet users, many of whom even already see him as the future winner of this season of The Voice.

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