The video that Pollo Vignolo does not want you to see: this is how he operated against the Argentine National Team

Sebastian “The Chicken” Vignolo is in the eye of the storm. After criticizing Lionel Scaloni and the team’s way of playing for weeks, the Argentina Selection champion of the America’s Cup 2021 nothing less than before Brazil, at the Maracanã stadium. Days after the coronation, a video was released that left the driver very badly off: his story not very happy and not at all emotional.

The referee blew the final whistle. There was no time for more. The “Albiceleste” was champion after 28 years of long waiting and a certain Lionel Messi fell to his knees on the Maracana grass, between tears and joy. It was his first FIFA title with the National Team. Meanwhile, millions of Argentines were celebrating, shouting and venting. However, “El Pollo” Vignolo recounted that historical end in a sober way.

Why was Vignolo’s attitude surprising? For weeks, and as Argentina advanced in the America’s Cup 2021, the presenter and his colleagues from ESPN they questioned Scaloni and to the team for the play shown in the competition. Did the Argentine title bother you? It is one of the questions that users of social networks asked themselves after listening to the story.

El Pollo Vignolo, ESPN journalist and detractor of the Argentine National Team.

The curiosity that also left the attitude of “The chicken” It was that, on March 7, 2020, Boca became champion of the local tournament against Gimnasia en La Bombonera and the story he offered was disjointed, with screams and absolute emotion. Absolutely different from the one he offered in the final in Argentina against Brazil …

The little emotional story of Pollo Vignolo after the title of Argentina vs. Brazil in the Copa América 2021

At the end of the match, the Argentine National Team became champion against Brazil and Sebastian “The Chicken” Vignolo recounted the consecration with little emotion: “It’s going to end, gentlemen. It remains for Messi … Argentina, champion of America, kneeling Messi crying. Argentina champion of America! Crying Messi kneeling, ladies and gentlemen, Argentina champion of America! Argentina stays with the Copa América “.

The celebrations of the Argentine National Team after winning the Copa América 2021 against Brazil.

Without finding many words, the journalist repeated: “Messi knelt, crying all his teammates on top to hug him. Argentina stays with the Copa América”. Then, he gave the pass to his colleague and commentator: “Marcelito Benedetto, unforgettable and historic day. Argentine men hold their heads. Maracanazo! Argentina 1 – Brazil 0”.

The reactions of the networks after the sad story of Pollo Vignolo in the title of the Argentina Selection vs. Brazil in the Copa América 2021

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