The video of when Alec Baldwin learns the shooting killed Halyna Hutchins

“I have very bad news”, launches an investigator to the actor. “She (ndlr: Halyna Hutchins) didn’t make it.” The actor in shock, brings his hand to his face before letting go: “No!” After several minutes, he asks to speak to his wife. “I want to call him and then I want to leave,” he says.

The judicial investigation “is coming to an end” declared this week Adan Mendoza, the sheriff supervising the investigations. It is now only a matter of “weeks”, he added. The investigators are waiting in particular for the ballistic report from the FBI, responsible for analyzing the fatal bullet and the revolver that fired it, as well as all the conclusions of the autopsy, he further explained to ABC television. “Concerning” text messages from the armourer are also examined in detail.



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