They are the shadow workers of concerts, setting up and taking down stages, tuning guitars and setting up lighting. Indispensable “roadies” for artists, to which singer Bono and guitarist The Edge from U2 pay a funny musical tribute by repeating Stairway to Heaven. “The U2 team would prefer to work for Led Zeppelin”, can we read in the introduction of their clip in selfie mode, broadcast on July 26 on YouTube.

The Irish singer takes the floor to explain this surprising video: “Our Irish team is the best of all, that’s for sure, and they’ve been around the world with us”, he begins. So far nothing abnormal. But he continues, encouraged by the guitarist’s nods of approval: “There’s an annoying side we need to talk about. Wherever you go, whatever venue you play, the Olympia, 3 Arena or Madison Square Garden, when you step onto the stage it’s a big time, but you tell yourself there is a song you will never be able to play. It’s Stairway to Heaven. These professionals think they play it better than the group. ”

After a knowing glance at The Edge, Bono concludes: “And you know what ? It may be true», Before starting the famous title Led Zeppelin in acoustic version and largely truncated. Allow two minutes of cover compared to the eight minutes of the British rock group.

A piece rarely replayed on stage

We do not know what the technicians of the Irish group think of it, but it is the first interpretation by U2 of this legendary title created by Led Zeppelin in 1971. The Irish group had only offered tiny ones until then. covers at concerts. The last date of 2015 during the “Innocence + Experience” tour at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Robert Plant himself, did not sing on stage Stairway to Heaven since 2007 and Led Zeppelin’s last reunion concert in London. With the group’s guitarist, Jimmy Page, and his bassist and keyboardist, John Paul Jones, they had sworn not to play together again after the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980. And even though Robert Plant replayed some Led classics Zeppelin with Jimmy Page in the 90s, Stairway to Heaven was often overlooked on purpose. Rare exception, the “Live Aid” of 1985, given jointly in London and Philadelphia.

Maybe U2 will take her on stage again. The group is also preparing a new album. This is what his bassist Adam Clayton said in an interview with Rolling Stone in early July: “We did a few recordings last year that gave us some really good starting points and full songs. There is an album ready to be released. ” But no date is announced. In the meantime, fans will have to be content with their short cover of Stairway to Heaven or Bono’s piano-voice ballad, Let your love be known, written during confinement.