the value leaves everyone speechless

The cryptocurrency context is particularly talked about in recent years, even if the first real development has found concrete application since the end of the 2010s: the first diffusion of Bitcoin, the leading cryptographic-based currency, which was also the first ever to be defined in this way. Shiba Inu turns out to be much more recent, and shares one of the most peculiar properties of this form of currency, namely its appearance viral.

Genesis and development

In fact, Shiba Inu continues to be one of the crypto can be evaluated, chatted and above all subject to capitalization: born in the summer of 2020 by an unknown programmer, it also takes inspiration from an “aesthetic” point of view to another same corner like Dogecoin, to the point that Shiba Inu supporters have called it the killer of the Dogecoin.

Compared to the latter, it is based on the Ethereum circuit with which it also shares the blockchain, and since 2021 the tokens SHIB, which were valued very few fractions of a dollar cent, began to be purchased and therefore “desired” by the market by an ever-increasing number of users, even in the face of continuous and constant capitalization. The value of SHIB tokens has undergone a dramatic increase in less than a year, helping to enrich people who may have invested only negligible amounts, more for “sympathy” than anything else.

Here’s what Shiba Inu is worth today: the value leaves everyone speechless

Compared to Dogecoin it is part of a complex structured system which in addition to the aforementioned SHIB currency, exchangeable and usable as a medium of exchange, is also made up of LEASH, another token that provides rewards for those who validate transactions in the cryptocurrency, and BONE, which allow those who use Shiba Inu to vote on various proposals.

The current value is the slight decline but is still rising: 0.00001881 dollars, with the prospect of new peaks in value in the short term.

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