There is always a regional in the great conquests. If Racing won, the Neuquén Gabriel Arias would be celebrating, a great figure in the tournament that Racing missed horrors in the final (he is with the Chilean team). Sabalero won and the one who celebrates is another talent from the area, Facundo Mura, which ended up being an important piece in Colon from Santa Fe and stayed in the story large of the Sabalera entity.

He came from Estudiantes de La Plata, a club that was formed by this right-back that Marcelo Gallardo once wanted for River. The kid who has experience in the sub-20 albiceleste entered the decisive instances and stood out.

To think that he only grabbed the spot in the semifinals for a couple of casualties and shone with personality and class.

“Since I arrived at the club (in February from Students on loan for a year), they have worked well with a large group of both players and coaching staff. A bit of the philosophy is that of work and of arriving convinced at each game that you can get a good result. That brought us here. Then obviously the results accompanied us. But the fact that we are here is not by chance, “said Mura in the preview.

“It is very even, all the games are difficult and are defined by details. When I arrived I was committed to joining the group and joining the objectives of the squad, which I think they were proposing little by little when they saw that the work we had been doing gave their fruits, “added the Roquense.

“I had to enter the semi and we went for everything. We are a group in which we all feel part of what the team achieves on the field and we know that if we have to play we have to contribute. I tried to do it in the best way.” added.

“Eduardo is a great coach. Since I arrived he made me feel comfortable. He wished me to be able to accommodate the team and asked that I be available. He gave me the opportunity to connect with myself, with the things that really make you professional and That led me to gain confidence and feel good to compete because I needed it. His way of being goes with how I like to live the sport and play the games. He always asks us to work and give the best for ourselves and for the team that in the end It is the most important thing. To live for the profession and that led me to what I told you before and to feel important, “said coach Eduardo Domínguez.

Facundo Mura, the kid from the region who made history with Columbus.