In Puerto Rico specifically “our recommendation from the College of Surgeons is not to use Ivermectin, because it is potentially dangerous,” as indicated by Dr. Víctor Ramos, president of this collegiate group.

Dr. Fernando Cabanillas (left), Dr. Víctor Ramos (right)

This drug is not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Health and Human Services) to be used as a treatment against Covid-19.

Víctor Ramos, president of the College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico, spoke to Medicine and Public Health Magazine about the ongoing investigation carried out by the Department of Health, for the presumed prescription by of some doctors of this dewormer called Ivermectin, as a treatment for the virus.

The doctor who happened at the beginning of the pandemic recalled that many drugs were used as palliative to the virus, but the studies carried out later never managed to verify their effectiveness.

Now, conservationist and anti-vaccine groups are indiscriminately prescribing its use. In the US alone, its acquisition rose from 3,000 to 82,000 per week and in the case of Latin America, it is sold without a prescription.

Liver failure

It is happening that the number of people who arrive to the emergency rooms intoxicated, with liver failure, with disorienting brain problems, hepatic encephalopathy, by using inadequate and even exaggerated doses of the drug increased.

Ramos specified that Ivermectin is only a dewormer, that it inhibits lysosomes and in theory it could help to reduce the strength of the virus; “The problem comes from the fact that in this context it creates more problems than it solves, it inhibits lysosomes but also healthy cells.”

“The most advanced study of this topic was carried out in Egypt, and those who developed it had to later recognize that it had not been sufficient or conclusive and withdrew it. All the others did not conclude that they were effective, “he added.

Anti-vaccine groups

There is no recommended dose for Ivermectin as an anticovid treatment – emphasized the doctor -, in the absence of scientific support that proves its effectiveness. Ironically, those who criticize the vaccines claiming that they are experimental, unaware that they passed phase three of the study and reached emergency approval; They are using the Ivermectin that did not pass phase two of studies for Covid-19.

The FDA for its part was explicit about this drug, informing that it does not recommend its use as a drug to Covid. Ramos recalled that people interested in the subject should understand that there are treatments with steroids, Remdesivir, plasma and others, which do enjoy medical-scientific approval.

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Marginal efficiency

Likewise, in this regard the MSP magazine spoke with Dr. Fernando Cabanillas, medical director of the Cancer Center of the Mutual Aid Hospital and professor at the School of Medicine of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus , who acknowledged that there was a study that showed that the dose of Ivermectin did have a positive effect against the Covid-19 virus, clarifying that this only occurs when it is lodged in the throat.

However, this study – said Cabanilas – was not conclusive when it comes to facing the mortality of the virus, or in terms of control in hospitalized patients.

“If this drug shows some efficacy, it is very marginal and like any other substance it can generate toxicity, for this reason it must be managed with highly supervised doses,” added Cabanillas.

He also concluded by saying that he does not see why people waste time with a substance not proven to the virus such as Ivermectin, there are already others that do, such as the vaccine or monoclonal antibodies.

Are vaccinated people dying?

The latest report (Wednesday, September 8) of people who died from Covid-19 on the Island indicates that there were 21 deaths. Of these, it transpired that 13 were not vaccinated and 8 were. That is to say, it seems that this figure shows that the number of vaccinated deceased had a slight increase, in relation to what had been previously observed.

On this issue that drew the attention of some sectors, Dr. Fernando Cabanillas, said that the report of one day and with such a small number of patients is not enough to raise a statistic.

“It could happen that despite the vaccination some of these people were immunosuppressed, for example a patient with cancer or comorbidities; that is, the reaction to the vaccine of a patient weighing 400 pounds compared to one weighing 150 is not the same, or that of a cardiac or diabetic patient, “he said.

Strain Delta

On the other hand, Cabanillas said that the Delta strain is much more contagious, aggressive, virulent and therefore the effectiveness of the vaccine could be lower. “On the previous strains the vaccine was around 94% effective, on Delta we can be talking about 88%”, he said.

These aforementioned numbers do not indicate that the vaccine lost efficacy, in any way, it continues to be effective in reducing mortality due to the virus, and avoiding complications that require hospitalization.

“Unfortunately experiences such as that of Israel, which reached a very significant vaccination range in its population, showed that after 6 months of applying the vaccine, it begins to lose effectiveness against the Delta strain. The analysis determined the number of processes developed in the organism that had diminished. The idea of ​​implementing the third dose also arose from there, “added Cabanillas.

Dr. Ramos in this case insisted that the vaccine so far is the most effective method to reduce the strength of the pandemic.

“You have to be careful when evaluating the most recent numbers of deceased people, since those who lost the battle mostly had pre-existing diseases or advanced ages. The problem here is that the young people who die are mostly those not vaccinated,” he explained.

“The medical centers are more exhausted, the nurses are more tired with what caused this pandemic, but vaccination will be the only way to overcome this disease,” he claimed.

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