Attorney General Merrick Garland announces a lawsuit against Texas this Thursday.J. Scott Applewhite / AP

The Department of Justice of the United States has presented / displayed this Thursday a lawsuit against the State of Texas by the controversial law that prohibits to interrupt the pregnancy after six weeks of gestation. At a press conference, the attorney general, Merrick Garland, declared that “the rule is clearly unconstitutional as evidenced by Supreme Court precedents.” Texas has passed that law to “defy the Constitution,” the lawsuit read.

“The Department of Justice has an obligation to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law,” continued the attorney general. Garland also criticized the fact that the new legislation holds citizens who assist a woman accountable for enforcing the law “for exercising their constitutional rights.”

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On September 1, the law that represents the hardest setback for abortion in the United States in almost 50 years came into force. The White House made its position clear from the beginning. For the president, Joe Biden, the norm violates the rights of women. The reaction of the Department of Justice led by Garland came this Monday, when he announced that the federal government would be in charge of protecting abortion clinics in case they suffered attacks.

Under the magnifying glass of the Biden Administration is also what the White House has criticized as the spirit of persecution of the text, since it limits the role of the authorities in surveillance, but, instead, allows “anyone” to sue women , doctors or whoever helps in the interruption of a pregnancy (with rewards of up to 10,000 dollars, about 8,400 euros).

“This type of ruse that nullifies the US Constitution is what all Americans should fear, regardless of which party they belong to,” said the attorney general. Garland warned that the element of the rule that encourages bounty hunters may become a model to be copied for other states “on other constitutional rights.”

The spokeswoman for the governor of Texas (Greg Abbott) defended the rule and accused the Biden Administration of acting for political reasons, with the ultimate aim of distracting citizens from more important issues, such as leaving Afghanistan or the continuous flow of migrants. on the southern border of the country. “We have faith that the courts will uphold the law and protect the right to life,” Renae Eze said in a statement.

The crusade against abortion maintained by the conservatives achieved a great victory last week, when the Supreme Court decided not to stop the law known as the law of the heartbeat (Texas heartbeat, as the norm is called), and it practically turned the right to abortion in that State into a dead letter.

A dozen or so states prohibit abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. But different judges of the federal circuit have so far prevented these rules from entering into force, since they considered incompatible with Roe against Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision guaranteeing the right to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus is viable, which translates to approximately 22-24 weeks.

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