(CNN Español) — The relationship between the United States and El Salvador fell one step further after the charge d’affaires of the US embassy, ​​Jean Manes, said on Monday that he will leave the Central American country in the coming days because he does not see the will to dialogue in the government of President Nayib Bukele.

Manes added that initially the White House had designated her for 90 days to establish a bridge with the authorities of El Salvador. “I’ve been here for six months now,” he explained.

He assured that among the signs of the lack of interest in improving the relationship are some decisions approved by the Legislative Assembly, with a pro-government majority, which dismissed the magistrates of the Constitutional Chamber and the Attorney General on May 1; decrees to retire magistrates, judges and prosecutors over 60 years of age; the decision to renounce the agreement for the operation of the International Commission against Impunity in El Salvador; and the constant attacks on social networks “paid for by the government” not only towards his work but even as far as President Joe Biden.

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“The White House, the US Congress, the State Department, when they’re looking at this they’re saying, ‘Well, you have no interest in improving the relationship and why are we going to invest in our relationship.’ There is no counterpart that is interested, ”Manes told reporters.

CNN asked the Secretary of Communications of the Presidency of El Salvador and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for reactions. So far we have not received a response.

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The government of El Salvador considers that Manes has exceeded his diplomatic functions and has accused her of interfering in internal affairs, something that the embassy has denied. At the beginning of November, Rolando Castro, the Minister of Labor, even said at a press conference that the best thing was for her to “leave the country.”

For his part, President Bukele has said in the past that the international community should not say what is best for Salvadorans. “We want to be like you and for that we have to do what you do and not what you say,” said Bukele in May, during a meeting with the diplomatic corps to explain, after an avalanche of criticism, the dismissal of magistrates from the Supreme Court of Justice and the attorney general made by the Assembly. The representative of the United States did not attend that meeting.

Return to Southern Command

The charge d’affaires of the US embassy explained that she is returning to her post as civil vice commander of the US Southern Command and that now the Biden administration will have to appoint an ambassador to El Salvador. “It’s a long process,” explained Manes, adding that Brendan O’Brien will be in charge of the diplomatic headquarters. O’Brien has already served as Charge d’Affaires and also as Minister Counselor in El Salvador.

Bukele responds to US for corrupt magistrates 3:03

Manes also affirms that El Salvador is not complying with bilateral agreements such as the extradition of people who have committed crimes in the United States. “We have a list and there are leaders of the MS13.”

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El Salvador gets closer to China

The Chinese government is building a new library in the historic center of San Salvador, after the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador ratified a cooperation agreement in May. The agreement includes a stadium, a water treatment plant and other projects in the coastal zone.

At the time, Bukele said that the amount would be around US $ 500 million in non-refundable investment and without conditions. US Acting Deputy Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Julie Chung wrote a tweet to Bukele: “Mr. President, nothing from China comes unconditionally.” The president replied through the same social network: “You are the largest commercial partner of China.”

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