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The actress, who is premiering in all theaters ‘Franklin: Story of a Ticket’a film that he shares with Sofía Gala and Germán Palacios, spoke exclusively with PEOPLE about the assembled family that he built together with Juan Manuel Urtubey, his daughter Belita and the birth of his second daughter.

A few weeks after giving birth to the new member of the family – whose name she did not want to reveal – Isabel Macedo told details of how the birth will be and how Isabelita (4), her eldest daughter, prepares for the reception of her sister: We don’t know if it will be a natural birth, hopefully yes.

The actress and the former governor of Salta formed a blended family with his four children – Mark (31), Luke (24), Matthew (21) and Juana (18) -, the little Belita and now with the arrival of his next girl. “The family that we created with Juan Manuel was a construction, because he already had four children, and for me that construction was based on love”.

The coexistence agreement

In 2016 and With less than a year of dating, the actress and the politician decided to say yes. On September 24 of that year they got married in the framework of a country-themed event that took place in The Coastshis residence, before 450 guests, including figures from the field of entertainment and politics.

The beginnings of his romance with Juan Manuel Urtubey generated a drastic change in Isabel’s life because she moved to Salta, since he was Governor of that province. However, she knew how to rearrange herself and so much so, that every time she has an artistic project she moves to Buenos Aires to work.

In dialogue with PEOPLE revealed that the most important thing for them is emotional ties and that is why, despite their busy schedules, they have a coexistence agreement. “He is a kid who works a lot and still gets up at 6 in the morning to take his kids to school, he takes half an hour to be at lunch all together… we always have lunch together, every day of the week . All this shows me what the person next to me is like“.

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