The Palazzina Regia, headquarters of the Terme society and alongside Carlo Bartolini, president of Federalberghi Montecatni Terme Apam

The news was greeted with satisfaction by the hoteliers. President Bartolini: «Research is an investment for the future

MONTECATINI. A Masters in Thermal Medicine and Medical Hydrology. The department of clinical and experimental medicine of the University of Pisa proposes it. Positive news also for Montecatini and welcomed with enthusiasm by the categories of hoteliers. “Scientific research in the spa sector is the prerequisite for a therapeutic recognition of the health-genetic capacity of the sector, which makes the Spa interesting not only because it is a source of general well-being, but also as a user – he says. Carlo Bartolini, president of Federalberghi Montecatini Terme Apam – of a specific natural product with real healing abilities. Therefore I see in an extremely positive way the strengthening of scientific training towards future doctors who can become aware of how useful spa treatments are for the health of their patients. Research and higher university education have a value not only for the present comparable to a promotional activity, but they are a real investment for the future ». “I hope – concludes Bartolini – that the members of the Terme di Montecatini will maintain this vision of the curative role of the thermal product in directing their choices in this very complex period for the Montecatinese spas and for the tourism sector in general”. For the academic year 2021-2022, the full professor Marco Romanelli he will be director of the master in frontal and remote mode. At the end of the course the participants must be able to identify, apply and evaluate the prevention and treatment interventions of pathologies in the thermal medicine and medical hydrology sector using all the innovative techniques available in a global vision of the patient and therefore intervene in relation to the patient’s risk conditions. Among the objectives of the master is to collaborate with other care workers to apply and evaluate the interventions in the various disciplines necessary for greater effectiveness of the care intervention. To underline the importance of thermal treatments in dermatology, thermal treatments and pathophysiology of metabolism, thermal treatments in the osteoarticular and physiotherapeutic field, thermal treatments in the uropoietic field, thermal treatments in diseases of the cardiovascular system, thermal treatments in rheumatological diseases, thermal treatments in otolaryngological pathologies, thermal treatments in respiratory pathologies.

The functions of the master take into account the specific occupational field: professional who intervenes in the sector of thermal and hydrological medicine from prevention to the choice of the type of intervention, considering all the interventional clinical aspects in an interdisciplinary vision with a favorable cost-benefit ratio . A maximum of 25 learners will be admitted in frontal mode, 25 in e-learning mode and 10 listeners. The submission of applications expires on December 20, 2021. –