Scientific production is the result of research carried out by any means.

The last informe CYD 2020 on the ‘Current data of the Spanish university system and its contribution to development’ indicates in its third chapter that three national universities monopolize the scientific production in Medicine. In order, the Universitat de Barcelona (10,372), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (9,202) and the Complutense University of Madrid (6,384) stand out.

The report includes a total of 53 Spanish institutions, since they are the ones that comply with the parameters and record more than 100 published documents in the area in Scopus in 2019. Thus, those mentioned above are followed by the University of Valencia (4,789), the Autonomous University of Madrid (4,500) and the University of Granada (4,357).

For this area of ​​Medicine, in addition to the number of publications, the weighted normalized impact (that is, the citations received by each researcher in relation to the average number of citations of world scientific production in the same field); the percentage of production in the first quartile (Q1); and the percentage of excellence with leadership.


Following this classification, the weighted standardized citation indicator includes the University of Navarra (2.07), the University of Extremadura (1.97) and the University of Barcelona (1.92). Regarding the universities that publish the most in journals located in Q1, are the Pompeu Fabra University (73.39 percent), the University of Barcelona (67.56 percent) and the Rovira i Virgili University (65.51 percent ). Finally, in terms of excellence with leadership, the University of Almería stands out with 9.81 percent of its led works cited above 10 percent, the University of Girona (8.90 percent) and the Polytechnic University de Catalunya (8.83 percent).

All these universities are among the most productive of the period, but none manages to be among the first three positions if the four indicators are taken into account. Only the Barcelona UniversityAccording to CYD in its study, it stands out in all the markers except in the percentage of works led in excellence.

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