Two men, this Friday in Calexico, California.MARIO TAMA / AFP

The United States is heading towards the 150,000 deaths from coronavirus after another fateful week, with some of the most populous territories breaking daily records of confirmed cases and the global death toll once again installed in the thousand a day. To the upturns recorded for weeks in California, Texas, Florida and Arizona are added other territories in the south of the country, such as Louisiana and Mississippi, where the famous curve of contagions drawn by the graphs seems to skyrocket. For Texans, things got complicated this Saturday night, when Hanna made landfall, the first Atlantic hurricane this 2020.

“Unfortunately, it is likely that things will get worse before they improve,” Donald Trump admitted last Tuesday, for the first time staking off the optimism, or rather, triumphalism, with which he had faced the pandemic. Also, for the first time, he openly encouraged citizens to cover themselves with a mask, which he had refused at all times, and ended up canceling the great event that he had called in August in Jacksonville (Florida) to accept the nomination as a Republican candidate. for reelection in the presidential elections in November. Trump will be crowned, but, like Biden, he will renounce the mass bath.

The United States has amassed 4.1 million confirmed cases of covid-19, with data from the Johns Hopkins Center on Sunday morning, and the death toll has already settled above 146,600. Friday was the fourth day in a row that more than 1,000 deaths were recorded, something that had not happened since the end of May and evidence that it is not the increase in tests carried out that motivates the acceleration of new positives. The hospitalization figures, moreover, are close to the level of three months ago. According to The Covid Data Project, there were a total of 59,760 people hospitalized for coronavirus on Friday, a figure just slightly lower than the 59,940 on April 15.

This salad of figures is influenced, on the one hand, by the bad streak of some of the most populous states in the country, such as California, Texas and Florida, which number 90 million inhabitants and exceed one million cases, and, on the other, other smaller areas, but which in relative terms have entered into a drill in recent days. According to the data of The Washington Post For every 100,000 residents, Florida leads the way with 52 infections a day over the past week, followed by Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. In all cases they have registered increases of around 20%. At the other extreme, New York or New Jersey, which were the epicenter of the tragedy, experienced a rise of just 1%.

Dr. Deborah Birx, a member of the expert team that advises the White House, however, pointed to some hopeful data last Friday in an interview on NBC, and assured that they were beginning to observe “a stabilization in these four states critics [Texas, California, Arizona y Florida]”.

In Texas, the Starr County Memorial Hospital, located in the city of Rio Grande, border with Mexico, lives a situation on the edge, according to CNN. 50% of emergency room admissions had tested positive for coronavirus, and the center found itself needing to send home those patients who had no chance of improvement. In the midst of these crises, the authorities prepared plans for possible rescues and accommodation in the face of the arrival of Cyclone Hanna and the risk of floods. “We cannot allow this hurricane to lead us to a more catastrophic and deadly situation favoring contagions,” said Governor Greg Abbott.

According to AFP, the Category 1 cyclone hit South Texas with winds of up to 145 km / h and made landfall on Patriotic Island. Meteorologists warned of heavy downpours, storms and flooding along the Texas Gulf Coast. The hurricane could cause strong storm surges of more than a meter and a half, and more than 450 mm of precipitation in the southern state, the NHC said, which also warns of dangerous flash floods.

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