Washington described Moscow’s reaction to the decision to reduce the US contingent in Germany. Robert Menendez, the deputy head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, presented his version on Twitter.

He sharply criticized the step of the American administration, explaining that this should please Moscow. “Champagne must be pouring like water in the Kremlin tonight,” the senator wrote. According to Menendez, the United States will hurt one of its closest allies – Germany, as well as weaken the opposition to the Kremlin’s aggression in Europe.

Among the Republicans, Senator Mitt Romney spoke out against the reduction in the number of troops in Germany. He called the Pentagon’s decision “a big mistake” and “a gift to Russia.” “This is a slap in the face to a friend and ally at a time when, on the contrary, we must come closer in our mutual obligations in order to restrain Russian and Chinese aggression,” he summed up.

Earlier, the Pentagon announced that it would withdraw from Germany about 11.9 thousand troops stationed there, and also move the headquarters of the US European Command to Belgium.

One half of the troops will go to NATO countries, while the other will serve on a rotational basis “in the east and in the Black Sea region.” The intent of this action is to “strengthen containment” of Russia and strengthen the security of the US allies on the southeastern flank.

US President Donald Trump accused Berlin of insufficient participation in the formation of NATO’s military budget and in violation of agreements on military deductions.