The unexpected collaboration between Madonna and Tokischa

If it surprised many Tokischa’s collaboration with the Spanish singer Rosalía, the one that has just been finalized, will blow the minds of more than one. The so-called queen of American pop, Madonna, He uploaded an image to his Instagram stories with the controversial Dominican rapper from a recording studio, which would confirm the musical union of these artists.

Although for some it is surprising, if we analyze the trajectories of both the collaboration is not so far-fetched. The singers are irreverent, they provoked the Catholic Church with images that left very little to the imagination and they are not very shy, neither in the way they dress nor act.

Before Madonna confirmed the news with the image had already been speculated on the board.

It all started when the urban Dominican and the American composer and dancer began to follow each other on the Instagram social network, which has caused a stir among their followers.

Could it be the recording of a new song together? Collaboration between the two artists? Part of the questions that many Internet users asked on social networks, now confirmed with the image.


Tokischa Altagracia Peralta, real name of the Dominican, is on tour in the United States. The Creole was recently nominated for the 2022 Youth Awards.

National Football League (NFL) used one of his songs as the official song of the 2022 Draft.

This is the album “ESTILAZO”, in which the 26-year-old singer joins the DJ and music producer Cristopher Comstock, better known by his stage name “Marshmello”.

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Likewise, Madonna has been collaborating for several years with artists of the Latin urban genre, including the Colombian Maluma.

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