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They know it in the Va por México coalition, they know it in the PRI and he himself knows it: Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, alias “Alito”, is now only useful to Morena and to the plan of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The strategy of political persecution of the PRI has not been bought by anyone in Mexico, much less in the world. His tour of Europe only generated disdain: the Socialist International, which made him vice president, did not issue any statement in his favour, much less did the European Parliament.

Without ignoring their illegal nature, the audios released every Tuesday by Governor Layda Sansores have been poison for Moreno Cárdenas, but his reputation as a joint, cheat and corrupt since he started in politics has not helped him at all.

In the PAN and in the PRI itself, they have measured the negative impact of “Alito”, with results that coincide with the newspaper’s survey The financial published this Monday the 18th: the electoral preferences for the Va por México coalition have fallen in three months, going from 41 to 36 percent, while support for the alliance headed by Morena rose from 46 to 51 percent.

This 15-point advantage occurred in three months, from April to July, in which the PRI, PAN and PRD rejected President López Obrador’s electricity reform and the weekly broadcast of Moreno Cárdenas’s recordings of his wealth, extortion to businessmen, the concealment of resources in campaigns and his plan to preside over the PRI until 2024.

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And the jewel is his conception of the job of reporting: “Journalists should not be shot to death, they should be starved to death.”

Despite the fact that most of the media, especially radio and television, have only marginally covered the Moreno Cárdenas audio scandal, the audios have been widely disseminated in alternative media and social networks that have ended up affecting the de by itself discredited PRI.

But the negative effect of the “Alito” scandal also reaches the PAN and the PRD, grouped in Va por México, so much so that in circles addicted to these parties, particularly those most prone to PANism, there are already clamoring to break with that character and even with that party, at a time when they are defining whether the coalition will remain for the governorships of the State of Mexico and Coahuila, where local PRI members are reluctant to nominate a candidate who is not from their own ranks.

In the PAN, the dominant sector headed by Deputy Santiago Creel has the calculation that, in the face of the “Alito” scandal, it could be the beneficiary party if it distances itself from the PRI, but at the same time it fears that it will also facilitate the victory of the alliance led by Morena, in 2023 and especially in 2024.

The validity of the Va por México coalition, which is also defended by Claudio X. González and the tycoons who sponsor it –despite the fact that they are already disgusted by “Alito”–, has to do not so much with winning the Presidency of the Republic, but rather with the majority of the Chamber of Deputies, something they did not achieve in 2021, to oppose the next government.

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In this scenario, Moreno Cárdenas is a politician who no longer works and who, to the extent that he clings to continuing as president of the PRI to define the candidacies for deputies, senators, governors, local deputies and presidential, will only affect his own party. and to the coalition.

Moreno Cárdenas was a factor of unity when, since March 2020, he went to the terrace of Claudio X. González’s mansion to formalize the PRIAN. This is how Marko Cortés, Santiago Creel, Margarita Zavala, Gustavo de Hoyos, Jesús Zambrano and others came. Today is the undesirable.

Alvaro Delgado Gomez

Álvaro Delgado Gómez is a journalist, born in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, in 1966. He started in 1986 as a reporter and has worked in the newsrooms of El Financiero, El Nacional and El Universal. In November 1994 he joined the weekly Proceso as a reporter, where he was head of Political Information and specialized in the coverage of political affairs. He has written several books, including El Yunque, the extreme right in power (Plaza and Janés); The Army of God (Plaza and Janés) and The Deception. Preaching and practice of the PAN (Grijalbo). The kneaded. The Peña-Calderón secret pact and other PAN betrayals (Editorial Proceso) is his most recent book.



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