“The Umbrella Academy” finish the season 1 epic, and by the appearance of the introduction to season 2, things are about to get even crazier.


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Netflix has released the opening scene for Season 2, and opens with some of the consequences of the group’s journey through time.

Five happens in a total battle between his teammates and the army, and it looks like things have gone pretty bad in this new timeline, so much so that Five barely manages to get out of there before the nuclear weapons drop.

All characters have their moment to shine in this incredible sequence.


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As Five previously warned them, using their powers to break out of the 2019 apocalypse had consequences, and now Season 2 will have Five trying to track down the rest of the group so they can stop this particular End of the World scenario.

The season 2 of “Umbrella Academy” reaches Netflix on July 31.