the ultimatum given to companies to sign their contract

The president of the Energy Regulatory Commission, Emmanuelle Wargon, encourages companies to engage in dialogue with their energy supplier. SEBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

DESCRIPTION – A significant part is still waiting to sign its electricity contract for 2023. These companies are at risk of sanctions, warns the Energy Regulatory Commission.

It is midnight minus one to sign his electricity contract for 2023. The president of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), Emmanuelle Wargon, sounds the alarm for businesses and local authorities. “We really need to sign now, or at least find a supplier and start discussions on the 2023 electricity contracts.”she said in an interview with Figaro. Half of the companies that were supposed to get a contract for 2023 have signed it. But among the other half, a significant part is still waiting and has not even asked for a quote, going back to the suppliers he met at the end of last week.

The latter must submit their requests for nuclear power at low prices, within the framework of the Arenh system, before 21 November. To do this, they must have completed their recruitment or customer renewal campaign. Indeed, their demand for Arenh must reflect the real needs of their customers. The…

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