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With the increase in temperature in summer, people go out more, stay more on the terraces, the schedules and the type of food are upset, they drink more carbonated and sugary drinks, as well as more alcohol with the “beers ”. All this produces a cocktail inside us that triggers in a weight gain, bloating, and the dreaded fluid retention.

What is fluid retention? When the lymphatic system slows down, we tend to accumulate more fluids in the tissues. In summer this occurs due to the dilation of the blood vessels, due to the heat, with which the blood circulates more slowly and accumulates in the capillaries, raising the pressure and facilitating the
retention of fluid in tissues.

It is also a problem that usually affects women more and is also related to other aspects such as hormonal changes. To try to avoid this situation, a series of guidelines:

– Be well hydrated.
– Balanced meals, avoiding eating too many carbohydrates, only the recommended daily intake.
– Eat more protein because its deficit favors retention.
– Avoid salt as much as possible. Excess sodium promotes bloating.
– Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks.
– Eat fruits and vegetables in season.
– Doing physical activity.

The exercise

A exercise circuit that comes in handy for this time and that can be done three or four times a week, is the following:

1. 10 minutes walking at a good pace

2 series of:

2. 15 repetitions of squat.
3. Plank with 20 repetitions of ankle flexion-extension.
4. 10 minutes walking at a good pace.

2 series of:

5. 15 repetitions of Jumping Jack (A coordinated exercise of arms and legs, opening and closing both at the same time with great speed).
6. 8 repetitions of burpees bottomless (i.e. a burpee normal in which no bending is performed).
7. 10 minutes walking at a good pace.

2 series of:

8. 10 dips with knees on the ground.
9. 20 climber (It consists of getting into a plank position bringing the knees to the chest alternating them and you should do 10 with each leg).
10. 10 minutes walking at a good pace.

Don’t forget to stretch after each session.

With this physical work, a balanced diet (although skipping it sometimes doesn’t feel bad at all), plenty of water and eliminating stress as much as possible, you can spend a quality and healthy summer.

* Iván Morales Martín is the founder of Bendita Agujeta.