The UAS will form the Additional Groups in the careers of General Medicine and Dentistry

The Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS) will receive 100 percent of the applicants in the Nursing and Architecture careers and only in General Medicine and Dentistry will Group A be formed, all the applicants to these careers will arrive today from the 2:00 p.m. the corresponding message to find out if they were accepted.

The Rector, Dr. Jesús Madueña Molina, after a meeting with the Institutional Admission Commission, calls on all young people accepted for the high school and undergraduate level to complete the registration process before next Friday, July 15, so that they guarantee his place at the university.

“The Autonomous University of Sinaloa, through the Institutional Admission Commission, communicates to applicants for degrees in General Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Architecture, that coverage has been expanded in the 4 Programs, for a total of 1,473 spaces” reported Madueña Molina detailing that in total there will be 3 thousand 867 spaces in these races where there is a high demand.

The 1,818 Medicine and Dentistry applicants who will not be notified can register in Groups A.

“The notice will begin to arrive from 2 in the afternoon to all of us who are going to receive, otherwise they will be able to register in the respective Additional Group; The Autonomous University of Sinaloa, through the Institutional Admission Commission, informs those interested in being part of the Additional Group of Bachelor’s Degrees in General Medicine and Dentistry, that they will be able to register from 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 12. July and until Thursday, July 14 (…) in General Medicine at the page and in Dentistry at registration/dentistry”, specified the Rector.

Starting this Tuesday and until Thursday at 8 p.m., these two pages will be open so that those who do not receive the notice that they were accepted can register in Group A.

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The Rector announced that for this expansion, a review of the infrastructure of the faculties was made and in the case of Medicine, 450 additional spaces are offered, in an extraordinary effort, to the 600 that were initially offered; In Dentistry, 200 places were given and 200 more young people will be received; in Nursing Culiacán, Mazatlán and Mochis, 100 percent will be accepted, where 550 spaces will be provided, of which 180 are for Los Mochis, 280 for Culiacán and 90 for Mazatlán; while in Architecture, 163 spaces are expanded in Culiacán and 110 in Mazatlán.

“Making a call to all the students who received their notification (of acceptance) on June 24, to complete their process to ensure a space within the university classrooms, the call to parents, to students who are In these circumstances, both at the upper secondary and higher levels, to conclude their process as soon as possible (…) those who receive the notice today can now pay their receipt and take the documentation to the academic unit”, reiterated the Rector.



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