Alvaro Hernandez

20:35 • 12 sept. 2021

Almería will have university studies in Medicine sooner rather than later. Specifically, as planned and if nothing goes wrong, it will be the next academic year (2022/2023) when the university campus of La Cañada will host to his first students of the Degree in Medicine.

All this after it has been given one more step in the necessary bureaucracy for a university to expand the catalog of its academic offerings.

Thus, if at the beginning of this month the Parliament of Andalusia agreed through a Proposal not of Law in commission presented by the autonomous popular deputy of Almeria Ramón Herrera de las Heras the incorporation of the Degree in Medicine to the university offer of the UAL, now the next step has been taken.

In order to allow the university community to formulate the allegations it deems appropriate to the proposals for new degrees that the UAL wants to implement for the academic year 2022-23, the university institution has opened the period for public information on the four new degrees that the next academic year intends to incorporate: interuniversity master’s degree in research in behavioral sciences, master’s degree in advanced chemistry laboratory, interuniversity doctoral program in didactics of experimental sciences and, indeed, the long-awaited degree in medicine.

Now, opens within a week For any interested party in the university community to present any claim, which must be done through the Vice-Rector’s Office for Academic Planning, Vice-Rector’s Office for Postgraduate Studies, Employability and Relations with Companies and Institutions, and the International Doctoral School, respectively, and be sent by public registry or directly to the email address [email protected]


For this, in addition, the UAL makes available to the university community a complete report of 175 pages in which all the information related to this future Almeria degree in Medicine is included: the access requirements, the competences that the students will have to acquire, the planning of all the teachings and a long etcetera.

The term for the presentation of the allegations will end next September 17, at 3:00 p.m., at which time a new stage will open for these intense months prior to the arrival of the Degree in Medicine at the University of Almería.

“The benefits for the province are many, since having the Degree in Medicine will mean more doctors for Almería and thatthat doctors who today work in our public hospitals (Torrecárdenas, El Toyo, Poniente, and La Inmaculada) can be integrated into the University. In addition, research projects and an improvement in the sanitary quality of the province will be carried out, without forgetting that Almeria students who wish to study these studies will have the possibility of doing so without going to other places in Spain ”, explained Ramón Herrera, a teacher as Professor and doctor of the Faculty of Law at the UAL now on leave of absence for his political role, in his intervention at the time of exposing the reasons why this Non-Law Proposal represents numerous benefits with the arrival of the Degree in Medicine at the UAL , something that the Andalusian Chamber urges the Governing Council to, “Definitively, approve the implementation of the Degree in Medicine for the next academic year 2022-2023”. At the end of this week, Almería will be one step closer to finally having Medicine as a university study.

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