The truth about her meeting with Lilibet

That’s how getting to know each other went

A source recently told Us Weekly: “Harry and Meghan visited the Queen at Windsor Castle with Lilibet and Archie.”
Shortly after the meeting, the rumor mill was churning. Particularly striking: According to reports, this should Meetings of Lilibet and the Queen were very brief be. Less than an hour would have spent the Queen with her great-granddaughter. So far, one could only speculate about the reasons for this. Now nobility expert Jonathan Sacerdoti speaks in “Us Weekly”. He’s convinced there’s a simple reason the Queen and Lilibet have spent very little time together.

She was very focused on keeping her strength together. I think it’s totally understandable that she wanted to conserve her energy as best she could so she could be at as many events as possible.

Considering that the Queen even during this important anniversary keep canceling appointments would not be surprising. “It’s about a 90-year-old and a baby“, Sacerdoti points out. So it’s quite possible that a meeting between the two wasn’t possible for too long, if only because of the circumstances.



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