the truth about Gradsky’s fabulous debts came out

The composer was not a law-abiding taxpayer.

After his death, Alexander Gradsky owed money to the Federal Tax Service. The amount owed is approximately 500 thousand rubles.

About six months ago, a rumor appeared in the media that a popular composer preferred not to pay taxes during his lifetime. Allegedly, he constantly accumulated debts and was the last to deal with such matters. It turned out that all these speculations are true, and the musician really avoided making the necessary payments.

According to the portalTVNZ”, in the Federal Tax Service in the name of Gradsky there is a debt in the amount of 448 thousand rubles, which has accumulated from bills for cars and real estate. This debt, according to the law, passed to his relatives, however, as journalists point out, the celebrity’s heirs do not seek to pay the bills. The fact is that it is still unknown who exactly will receive the Gradsky inheritance, so the debt is not extinguished.

The relatives of the composer themselves do not comment on the situation. After the death of Gradsky, all of them almost completely stopped communicating with the press and keep their lives secret.

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