The true story of overcoming the book 'I, addicted' becomes a series on Disney + with the creator of 'Patria'

The true story of overcoming the book 'I, addicted' becomes a series on Disney + with the creator of 'Patria'

    Javier Giner has adapted his autobiographical book ‘Yo, adicto’ together with Aitor Gabilondo (creator of ‘Patria’) for the new Spanish Disney+ series, which began filming this week in Barcelona. Starring Oriol Pla, produced by Alea Media and made up of six episodes, the production will put Giner’s true story of overcoming himself in pictures. It does not yet have a release date.

    Published in 2021 by Planeta, the book tells how Javier Giner, filmmaker, writer and audiovisual professional, voluntarily enters a detox center at age 30 to treat his addiction to alcohol, drugs and sex. According to the official synopsis of the series: “In the moment of maximum darkness, he will make the decision to seek professional help moved by a desperate survival instinct. Without knowing it, this gesture will change his life, turning him into a new person. The months that spends admitted to a detox center on the outskirts of Barcelona are a journey of personal discovery, from guilt to reconciliation, a painful path to healing and redemption full of incredible characters”.

    Me, Addicted: A Personal Account of Dependence and Reconciliation (Contemporary)


    18,90 €

    This is Giner’s first non-fiction novel after having published ‘El dedo en el corazón’ in Atico editions, as well as several short stories. He has also shot five short films, including the multi-award winning ‘Love is Big on Me’. “I never imagined that my most intimate story would become a series of international scope thanks to Disney+ and by the hand of professionals and people so admired by me such as Aitor Gabilondo and Laura Rubirola,” Giner said in a statement. “I hope and wish that our work opens debates, destigmatizes the sick and sheds light on the things that happen to us as human beings, but of which we only speak in whispers because they cause us pain and shame. And, above all, illuminate all those dark corners with a clear message: from the hell of addiction, with help, with work and effort, you can get out“.

    Along with Oriol Pla playing the role of Javier Giner, the series will include in the cast Nora Navas, Ramón Barea, Marina Salas, Itziar Lazkano, Bernabé Fernández, Catalina Sopelana, and the special collaboration of Vicky Luengo and Omar Ayuso, among others. Filming began on May 8, 2023 through different locations in Barcelona, ​​with Giner and Elena Trapé as directors of the six episodes.

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    Aitor Gabilondo, who will soon premiere ‘El silencio’ on Netflix, is the co-creator of ‘Yo, adicto’, co-writer with Giner, Jorge Gil and Alba Carballal, and also executive producer with Laura Rubirola Sala. “I cannot summarize in a single sentence why I wanted to do this series… but I can say that reading Javi Giner’s book I discovered that I am also addicted, even though I have not tried drugs. If you do not know how to manage your emotions and you take refuge in substances, at work or in yourself, maybe you have a problem… I think that Javi, by telling his story, is telling that of many and many… and accompanying him in this task is not only an honor, but also an opportunity to understand and grow.“.

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