The triple R rule that you can apply at home to improve your environmental habits

The triple R rule that you can apply at home to improve your environmental habits

The Triple R rule, or rule of the three Rs, by the first letter of the terms reduce, recycle, reuse, is how the practice of waste management that helps to recover all the waste is known in the field of the environment. possible residues to give them a second life and prevent them from becoming garbage for the rest fraction. This is a practice that also has its application in the home environment.

The end of the Triple R rule is none other than take care of the planet we live on by reducing the amount of waste and garbage that we generate. Therefore, because this final objective applies to all kinds of contexts, from business to educational centers, to cite two opposite examples, it also applies to the home.

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In the domestic sphere, it is possible to reduce the number of waste generated in multiple ways, also to reuse everything that can be given a second life and, of course, to recycle, and even more so now that municipalities are investing more and more in management of waste, either with the introduction of the organic matter container or with free services such as the collection of belongings, clean points or community composting, among many other measures.

This is exactly what the Triple R rule proposes: reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possiblestarting with what we each do at home.

Reduce, recycle and reuse

The first of the measures included in this home-applied environmental rule consists of reduce waste. And for this, nothing better than taking preventive measures, than getting ahead of the generation of waste at home.

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There are various ways to do it. One of them is when shopping, avoiding plastics (cloth bags, tights…) and industrial products, giving priority to fresh ones. Another way to achieve this is to give a second life to a product that already seems to be headed for the garbage can. Surely you can think of many everyday examples in which you have thrown away things that you could have reused. And a third option to reduce waste are the spare parts and the arrangements of those things that can have a solution. This applies to products such as household appliances, for example.

The zero waste philosophy

If we talk about reuse, the objective does not need to be explained because its own name indicates it. It is a great environmental contribution to give a second and third life to products that seem to have none. Repair, refocus its use or tear up and reuse salvageable parts are three ways to reuse something. And in this sense, the use of reusable bags, taking advantage of dirty sheets and sheets on all sides or not using utensils that are used and thrown away, such as paper napkins, are also very effective measures.

Finally, the Triple R rule also talks about recycling, which is no longer the ultimate goal of waste management, but rather the circular economy, the so-called 0 waste. But recycling will always be better than doing nothing about.

Therefore, when we can no longer give an object or product another life, it is a great help for our planet to recycle it so that it can be transformed into something useful again. Apply from an electronic product to the shell of the fruit or the nuts that you just took.

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But for a correct recycling chain It is necessary, on the one hand, municipal investment in the waste management service (that they make it easy for the citizen and that the treatment of waste is adequate) and a lot of individual responsibility to separate as much as possible at home, which is where we generate the most garbage.


In short, nothing you don’t know is the Triple R rule, but now they can no longer stay with you when someone mentions it to you. Now you can answer at the moment: “Reduce, reuse, recycle”.

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