The “tricks” for having a flat stomach

Flat, toned stomach, flat stomach: everyone’s desire is for a question of aesthetics and well-being e salute. The abdominal area is the one most subjected to the accumulation of fat and extra pounds, which suffers the stress of sudden weight gain and relative loss. It is a yo-yo effect, also given by age and by hormonal changes, a compendium of factors that make it increasingly difficult to lose the pounds anchored to the waist. A swollen belly is also the daughter of a series of wrong habits, which affect the metabolism itself, preventing the disposal of excess fat.

A bloated condition can be conditioned by having eaten too much and in a hurry, or by a predisposition to constipation with intestinal gas, stagnation of liquids and so on. For example, an inflammatory stomach-bowel condition caused by can contribute stress, gastritis, sometimes even colitis capable of negatively impacting the well-being of the abdomen and the body itself.

Remedying it is essential, avoiding harmful do-it-yourself and taking remedies and medicines that seem miraculous, but not very conclusive. For reactivate the metabolism it is good to resort to a healthy lifestyle, to the use of natural and therefore healthy remedies in tandem with a little valid physical activity, excellent for both the well-being of the belly and the body, but mainly for the heart and bones.

Swollen belly, the most common mistakes

A swollen and weighted belly is often the result of a wrong accumulation of fat which, day after day, stabilizes in the waist area until it settles down. In most cases, the loss of firmness and swelling are the direct consequence of a series of mistakes, both in terms of lifestyle and eating habits. For example, consuming excessively caloric and abundant meals, seasoning them with too many sauces and sale, increases not only abdominal bloating but also the water retention. Another wrong choice concerns the consumption of beverages such as alcoholic, coffee, fried and greasy foods, which can facilitate the accumulation of body fat and weigh down the lower abdomen.

The busy life, stressful and fast, can affect our body by increasing levels of cholesterol but also the frenzy linked to the ingestion of meals, often consumed voraciously and too quickly. This leads to constant digestive problems, to a wrong entry of air into the stomach, also favoring problems related to swallowing. We must not forget the most common mistakes that hinder the flat stomach, related to daily habits such as smoke, a life that is too sedentary, too many hours of inactivity sitting in front of the computer, the total absence of movement and physical activity.

Foods and habits deflated belly

To deflate the belly it is necessary to follow a precise path, useful for changing all those wrong habits that interfere with the well-being of the body, with repercussions also on circulation and on the heart. An accumulation of fat can lead toobesity and the possibility of developing a number of diseases, such as diabetes. For this it is necessary to restore balance in one’s existence, starting with nutrition and food choices. For example by limiting the consumption of all those products that can swell the abdomen, such as legumes, crucifers, onions, citrus fruits and peppers, preferring lighter and more hydrating vegetables, better if steamed and seasoned with a little olive oil and spices.

It is then necessary to add an inexhaustible source of well-being to the daily menu, namely thewater, perfect for hydrating and purifying the body of toxins. Eliminating water retention and adding smoothie, smoothies and fruit juices with no added sugar, we guarantee a detox path also great for the skin itself. The flat stomach diet must be simpler and cleaner, contemplate the presence of cereals and fiber, dried fruit, few cheeses, preferably light and probiotic, proteins cooked on the grill such as chicken, fish and eggs. Green light to fruits and vegetables, able to lighten and purify such as pineapple, banana, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, papaya, currants, kiwi, grapefruit, celery, fennel and fennel seeds, thistle, mint, asparagus, artichokes, ginger, lettuce, tomato. Without forgetting the herbal teas in the evening, useful for relaxing the mind and promoting urination, so as to clean up the urinary tract by deflating the belly.

Flat stomach, natural remedies

The first of the natural remedies to improve the appearance of the belly is the Calm down, that is to face meals chewing slowly so as to facilitate good digestion and avoid ingesting air, enjoying the dishes on the plate for a moment of daily serenity. All this must be followed by a more balanced and healthy diet, as anticipated, rich in foods able to purify, deflate and hydrate the body. An existential circularity must also include movement andphysical activity, for example by preferring the bicycle and the walk to the car, or the stairs to the elevator, interrupting the sedentary lifestyle with a short walk every hour even inside the office.

There are many natural remedies for flat stomachs, but as always it is good not to improvise extreme solutions that can affect personal well-being. For this it is better to rely on the expert hands of a nutritionist or ask your doctor for a consultation, who will be able to establish the cause of the swollen stomach and also provide the most suitable treatment. For example as in the case of irritable colon, a very common condition and often responsible for swelling.

Among the most useful solutions we can also identify the classic glass of warm water, mixed with lemon juice to be enjoyed as soon as you wake up. It can be followed by one balanced breakfast, rich in foods useful to defeat constipation such as oats, fruit and probiotics. Valid is also the contribution of smoothies and smoothies such as the one consisting of three slices of pineapple blended with a tablespoon of flax seeds, two of honey and a glass of water, perfect to be consumed for breakfast or as a break hunger alike. of green tea, excellent companion of adventures because it reactivates the metabolism and controls cholesterol. Perfect are also the infusions with fennel seed, cumin and cinnamon, anise, chamomile and mint.

Deflated belly, the most effective exercises

Movement can also help you achieve your flat stomach goal by burning excess calories and pounds. Among the most popular we cannot fail to mention the abs or crunch, to be practiced with the body lying on the back and the legs bent: with the feet on the ground, the torso is raised with the help of the abdominal muscles. Even the pelvic thrusts they can improve the tone of the abdomen; with bent legs and shoulders resting on the ground, the pelvis is raised, from bottom to top.

Another simple but always present exercise is the bicycle, a classic: with the back resting on the floor and the raised legs that move to simulate a pedal stroke. The neck is tense and the hands are crossed behind the head, so as to work the muscles of the abdomen. To improve abdominal tone within a path of physical well-being, it is good to ask for support fitness experts, or take online courses, including yoga, so as to perfectly firm and deflate the part.